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New image shows the LG G3 posing next to the HTC One M8

LG G3 - HTC One M8

With almost every aspect of the LG G3 covered by leaks over the past several days, perhaps the only thing that we don’t know about the device is its size. And now, to give us a better idea of that, a new leak is showing us the HTC One M8 posing next to the LG G3. And as is evident from the picture above, the G3 is clearly thicker and probably taller as well.

The One M8 features a 5 inch display, while the LG G3 is expected to sport a 5.5 inch panel instead, so the size difference is obvious. Surprisingly, both devices appear to have a similar metallic finish on the back, although the material used on the G3 is said to be polycarbonate.

We can also see the camera, the rear buttons, as well as the laser flash on the LG G3 which is surely going to be one of the highlights of the smartphone.

There’s not a lot more to learn from this image, but we hope LG has some surprises in store for us tomorrow when the device goes official.


Via: Phone Arena

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