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New hack lets you convert your standard HTC One M8 to a Harman Kardon edition variant

HTC One M8 Harman Kardon

Sprint announced its deal with Harman Kardon to provide its customers the exclusive Harman Kardon edition HTC One M8. This has clearly upset customers who recently bought the standard variant of the HTC flagship. But thanks to a developer at XDA, these features can be ported onto other variants of the smartphone as well. As a prerequisite users will need to have a rooted device and a custom recovery installed to flash some of the apps and features.

Since most of these new additions are software based, it’s as simple as copying the required files to your source folder and flashing it via custom recovery. The only letdown is that this mod doesn’t bring support for FLAC files like the Sprint variant, but everything apart from that seems to be working just fine. So if you have a regular HTC One M8 and a little bit of custom recovery know how, make sure you give this a look. Users who have tried this mod are claiming that audio experience has boosted significantly, especially with headphones on. Although you won’t get the shiny Harman Kardon headphones with this hack, most of the software features which Sprint users enjoy can be ported over with relative ease.

Source: XDA – baadnewz

Via: Cult of Android

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