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Moto E compared with the Galaxy S5; the results might surprise you

Moto E

We all know that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a very capable device. But what if the recently launched Moto E were to be almost on par or even faster than the Samsung flagship in some areas? That’s exactly what a new video comparison demonstrates as the Moto E and the Galaxy S5 are pitted against each other to perform some of the most basic tasks.

This includes unlocking the phone, opening the gallery, camera app etc. Surprisingly, the Moto E outperforms the Galaxy S5 in opening the Gallery as well as the Camera apps with significant delays seen on the Samsung flagship. Sure, it’s not a big delay, but this goes to show the power and capabilities of a stock Android device, even though it doesn’t brag of a high end specs sheet.

Maybe Samsung has a lesson to learn from it and can tone down the suite of TouchWiz features a notch in the future. This is a little disheartening considering that the hardware on board is not being utilized by the software.

So what do you think of the video?

Source: YouTube

Via: Slash Gear

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