LG Italy confirms impending KitKat updates for Optimus L9 II, G Pro Lite

Lo and behold, ladies and gents, as LG seems to be preparing an additional bombshell this week to the no doubt spectacular, albeit no longer surprising G3 announcement. The Koreans have bumped up the G2 to Android 4.4, the Optimus G Pro, G Flex, G Pad 8.3 and Vu 3 also, and apparently, next in line are two less than stellar handhelds.


Namely, the OG Optimus L9 II and massive but mediocre G Pro Lite. The info comes straight from the horse’s mouth, or rather one of the horse’s regional mouths – LG’s official Italian Facebook page. According to the local social team, the L9 II shall score KitKat “in the coming weeks”, and the G Pro Lite towards the end of Q2.

That’s late June, so technically in the next few weeks as well. Also on the list, the long tormented Optimus G, which is still not very close to resolution. Its Android 4.4 update is now slated for Q3, so at some point between July and September.

Remember though, we got a bunch of mixed signals vis-à-vis LG’s yesteryear flagship in the past, so maybe it would be wise to doubt everything we hear in connection to it.


As far as the other two are concerned, it’s sure surprising to see the L9 II get the royal treatment so soon. Clearly, the 4.7 incher is no pushover, with its 720p display and 1 GB RAM, but it’s fairly old and not that popular as far as we can tell.

Unveiled in August 2013 and rolled out in October, the mid-ranger was never picked up by a single US carrier, unlike its predecessor, available on T-Mobile and MetroPCS. Of course, just because one particular European market is about to see KitKat go live on the device, it doesn’t mean the rest of the world will follow suit immediately.

Besides, we know full well how easily confused Facebook page administrators can be. But let’s be optimistic, and hope the Italian timeline pans out for the G Pro Lite too.


Launched last November, the gigantic 5.5 incher never landed stateside either, and hardware-wise, it’s even more lackluster than the L9 II. The display boasts sub-par 960 x 540 pixels resolution, and under the hood a dual-core 1 GHz Mediatek chip takes care of raw speed business.

Sounds pretty underwhelming, though at $230 unlocked and with Android 4.4.2, you can’t deny its awfully solid bang for buck factor. You go, LG!

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  1. KitKat for Optimus L9 II is officially available for almost every european country since april.

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