LazeeEye Turns your Android Smartphone Into A 3D Camera

Do you want to add a cool new feature to your Android smartphone? Why not make it into a 3D camera? Just attach a hardware ad-on called LazeeEye and you’ll be able to capture 3D images in no time at all. This device which is conceptualized by Massachusetts-based tech consultancy Heuristic Labs allows users to take and manipulate 3D images.


What are the common uses of having LazeeEye? Most of the cameras today only capture a 2D image which means that the depth information is missing. A 3D-enabled camera allows the depth information to be captured which can be quite useful in certain situations.

  • Capture models of objects or people for 3D printing or CAD modeling
  • Make absolute 3D measurements from the photo – for, construction and remodeling, interior design, clothes shopping, etc.
  • Remove objects or people outside a given depth – eliminate “photo bombers,” remove the background scene from photos, replace the background scene
  • Change the angle or lighting of the photo after the fact
  • More easily perform a variety of photo editing (“photo-shopping”) effects, with the aid of the image depth channel
  • Implement augmented reality games, or play existing augmented reality games
  • Much, much more – just search the web to see what people do with 3D sensing, and imagine how these applications could translate to or enhance mobile device apps

LazeeEye is basically a cheaper alternative to getting a dedicated 3D camera. This is simple because the device will be using the processing power of your Android device in creating the 3D images. It mainly consists of laser illuminator hardware add-on plus a stereo vision processing app.

How does this device work? According to Heuristic Labs the main driving force is its use of active stereo vision. “one “eye” is your existing smartphone camera and passively receives incoming light, while the other “eye” actively projects light outwards onto the scene, where it bounces back to the passive eye.” This enables depth information to be captured.

Right now Heuristic Labs is running a campaign over at Kickstarter to fund the remaining last stages of the LazeeEye development. The target is to reach a $250,000 goal with $190,186 already pledged with only 5 days left in the campaign period.

If you wish to support this project you can head out over to the link given below. A pledge of $20 will get you the LazeeEye DIY kit which is expected to ship out this coming June 2014.

via kickstarter

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