Korner Is A Simple To Use Budget Home Security System

A new type of security system is about to hit the market which is priced at under $100 and can be setup in under 2 minutes. The device is called Korner and is composed of an Ethernet dongle (Fob) that connects to a router and a tag which sticks to the corner of the door or window. A companion Android app is also needed to be downloaded for home owners to get the notifications.


Here’s how the system works. The Fob is first connected to a router port. The tag is then connected to the corner of a door or window. Once the door or window is opened the tag will communicate to the Fob which will in turn let off a siren as well as send out an alert to a connected Android device. From the smartphone app users will be able to forward the alert to their neighbors and friends or call the police.

What’s interesting about Korner is that it uses a one piece sensor instead of the usual two piece sensors offered by other manufacturers. The company says that by using a one piece sensor the security system consumes less power, is more accurate resulting in less false alarms, and is easier to setup.

korner 3

Korner is currently running a campaign over at Indiegogo with the goal of reaching $150,000. There’s 28 left in the campaign and right now a total of $206,232 has already been raised which means this project will definitely get funded.

korner 2

Some of the potential customers that will find this device useful are

  • Renters
  • Homeowners looking for something affordable
  • Students
  • Parents – buy it for your kids who have moved out; buy it for grandparents living alone
  • Vacation home renters and owners
  • Traveling workers

Those who would like to get this device could get it at Indiegogo for $99 which includes 3 tags, 1 Fob, and no annual fees for a lifetime. After the campaign period it will cost $59 but then there is going to be a $39 annual service fee subscription.

via indiegogo