Knockr lets you unlock your phone with a double tap on the screen


Most of us envy the double tap to wake feature from the LG G2 and the HTC One M8. But what if this feature was enabled with an app? Well, it was about time as a new app on the Play Store called Knockr allows users to use an array of gestures when the display is turned off. This includes double tap, swipe up, down, left, right etc to perform a wide range of functions.

This is very similar to the HTC One M8 as it allows users to open certain apps with a preset gesture on the screen in addition to unlocking or locking the device. But there’s a caveat with this app. As of now, it seems like devices which use an OLED screen are the only ones that can use the app efficiently. So if you own a Moto X or any wide number of Samsung Galaxy flagships, you’re in luck.

The reason it’s incompatible with LCD displays is due to the strain on battery life it has. Since the app has to keep the display on at all times to judge the gestures, it will be a huge strain on a conventional LCD panel. But as OLED displays are very efficient, especially when on a black screen, this isn’t a major concern. So while you can surely download the app on a LCD packing Android device, it probably won’t be as practical since the battery life will be taking a severe beating. Hit the link below to download the app and let us know what you think.

Source: Play Store

Via: Cult of Android

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