Jury orders Samsung to pay $119.6 million in fines to Apple

Samsung vs Apple

The jury in the lengthy Apple vs Samsung patent trial have found Samsung guilty of infringing on patents 5,946,647, 5,946,647 and 8,046,721 held by Apple. The first two patents are pertaining to the autocorrect function and slide to unlock seen on many Samsung devices, while the third patent deals with links which allows users to open apps within the device. For infringing three of these patents, Samsung has been ordered to pay $119.6 million.

It’s not all bad news for Samsung though as Apple was found to be infringing one of Samsung’s patents 6,226,449 which is related to the camera and photo organization technology. But the fines levied is a paltry $158,400 which is spare change for a billion dollar company like Apple.

This new ruling could directly affect the pricing of future Samsung products as the company tries to gain back some of the fine amount. Apple’s original claim of $2 billion wasn’t accepted by the court, but the company is still reportedly content with the $119.6 million fine imposed on Samsung and believes that justice has prevailed. The court however didn’t agree to every accusation made by Apple as a couple of its allegations were rejected.

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2 Replies to “Jury orders Samsung to pay $119.6 million in fines to Apple”

  1. Apple Inc, the world’s largest patent troll, buys yet another judge & jury. When’s all this nonsense going to stop so REAL innovation by those now afraid to innovate because of fear that the true legacy, stealing others ideas and suing everyone else, of the MARKETING wiz Steve Jobs, who wasn’t a tech or design genius, he hired talent to do that. Mr. Wozniak was the brains, and genius behind Apple. But, for some reason, he’s closed mouth, and private, not saying much, if anything, in regards to Apple. Makes one wonder what the bully did, or demanded of him.
    None of this is really my concern, except for the stifling of innovation in the tech world, because I wouldn’t own an Apple product if you paid me to take it. Never have. Never will. Grossly overpriced, overrated, over hyped shiny-shiny.

  2. A laughable sum… The legal team’s entertainment budget was likely greater. But, it’s not the money.

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