HTC One Remix could be headed towards Verizon

HTC One Remix

According to a new revelation made by Evleaks, Verizon could soon launch a device known as theĀ HTC One Remix. There’s not much info available on this device, but it seems like a new HTC One M8 spinoff that the Taiwanese manufacturer could be looking to launch via Verizon. The company even has a trademark filing for the name, hinting that the device is indeed real.

At this point, all we have is the name of the smartphone, so don’t get your hopes up yet. It will be interesting to see how this rumor materializes considering that HTC only recently launched the M8 in the U.S. Could the One Remix be the much rumored One Mini 2 that we’ve heard so much about over the past few weeks? Or is the One M8 Prime which has also made its way to the rumor mill on a couple of occasions?

It’s hard to tell at the moment, but we can be assured that more information will follow in the coming days, hopefully with a detailed specs sheet.

Source: Evleaks