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HTC One M8 revealed to feature splash protection with IPX3 certification

HTC One M8

We know the things that the HTC One M8 can do. But did you know that it comes with IPX3 certification which makes it immune to accidental water spills and sprays? This isn’t a feature which was discussed during the launch event, but has now been confirmed by a senior HTC official in response to a question on Twitter.

The term IPX3 basically means that the smartphone cannot withstand prolonged intervals submerged in water (or any time at all) as the ports on the device don’t have protective covering like a Galaxy S5 or the Xperia Z2. But the smartphone can withstand a few drops of rain on the display without much trouble.


It is said that HTC will not provide warranty coverage for water damaged devices, so keep that in mind if you plan on taking your M8 while swimming. This is certainly another feather in HTC’s cap with widespread acclaim for the design and features of the smartphone.

Source: @richardlai – Twitter

Via: Cult of Android

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