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HTC One M7 Developer And Unlocked Editions Getting Sense 6


Following Canadian HTC One M7 devices getting upgraded to Sense 6, now both the developer and unlocked versions of the phone are being upgraded. The update is 668MB in size, so if you have a metered download plan, make sure to download this over wifi.

Also coming with the Sense six upgrade besides the new UI is a more refined version of Blinkfeed and an upgraded camera app, and many other improvements. Some of the standard HTC apps have also been moved to Google Play so they can be updated without having to upgrade the whole OS.

For the regular US carrier versions of the M7, HTC’s page still says the upgrade is still in the certification stage, which means the carriers, HTC, and a few more parties need to test it.

This is the final step before the updates get rolled out to customers, but considering how long the US carriers take to upgrading phones, it could be awhile until we see it. For now, if you have a Developer or Unlocked model, go ahead and download the update. For the rest of us, we’ll have to wait.

Source: Leigh Momii (@jetleigh)

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