Google releases schedule for the I/O 2014 event

Google I/O 2014

Google began registrations for next month’s I/O event in late March. And with over a month left for the event to kick off, Google has decided to spread out the schedule of events for fans and attendees, so that they can know where to be for their favorite events. Remember, the registration period is already over, so you can’t make it to the event unless you already have a pass.

Sadly for us hopeful fans, there’s nothing noteworthy or special visible from this schedule of events. What we see here is an emphasis on ART or Android Runtime and several other developer related keynotes. Of course, Google will livestream these events on its official YouTube channel, so those who can’t be present at the event can watch it from the luxury of their homes.

It has been rumored that Google might start the rollout of Android 4.4.3 KitKat which has been expected for quite some time now. Although Google I/O is hardly the stage to announce a minor Android update, so we won’t hold our breath. You can find the complete schedule of events from the link below.

Source: Google I/O

Via: 9to5Google