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Google Now will let you know when a local shop has the things you recently searched for

Google Now

Google Now’s latest parking indicator feature was an excellent addition to its repertoire. And now, it will let users know if a local store is stocking up on the items that the users recently searched for. This will mostly be apparel, appliances or other devices, so that you can walk over to your nearest store and get a better look of the product.

It might seem a little sneaky from Google, but as always, users can opt out of this feature from the Google Now settings. So users will not be forced into using this new feature.

Suggestions will show up in the form of cards like any other Google Now feature, so you can easily swipe them away if you don’t like them.

It’s quite a nifty feature to be honest and could be beneficial for local businesses as well. This feature will apparently require the latest version of Google Search, so make sure you download it from the Play Store.

Have you found this new feature useful from Google Now?

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Android Authority

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