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Google Now officially supporting “Set a timer” commands

Google Now Timer

Setting a timer is one of the simplest things you’d expect a modern voice assistant to support. But sadly, Google Now on Android didn’t come with support for this feature. That has changed now with the default Android voice assistant allowing users to set a timer directly within Google Now instead of navigating to the clock menu and doing it manually.

This is a big change because it has long been expected by Android users and Google almost turned a blind eye towards this feature with subsequent updates since Jelly Bean. The changes have been made on a server level, so the Google Search app doesn’t need a separate update. This means that the change is already reflecting on your Android device, considering you have the latest version of Google Now.

All you have to do is head over to Google Now and just ask it to set a timer for the desired time and it will directly start a countdown timer instead of setting an alarm. So head over to Google Now from your Android device and check if it’s working for you.

Via: Android Central

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