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Google Maps Has New Features In Latest Update


Google Maps has reached version 8.0 and this new update is a big one. There are several new features in the new version and they are all beneficial to all people who use the app.

The first new feature is that Google Maps now has Uber integration. For those unfamiliar with Uber, it is a private taxi company that lets you request a car from your smartphone to take you anywhere within their range.

Uber is currently located in select cities in 35 countries, but is always adding more locations. Now if you have the Uber app installed on your phone, Google Maps will tell you how long it will take versus other options.


This is a handy feature for frequent users of both Uber and Google Maps. You’ll be able to easily see whether it will be more worth it to take an Uber, regular public transportation, or any other mode.

There are also other new features in this version. Google Maps will now display distance, arrival time, and quick access to alternate routes while in turn-by-turn direction mode. You are now also able to save and manage offline maps in a custom list when you’re roaming or have no Internet access.


Another new transit directions feature is that transit results now display the total walking time of your trip and the next scheduled bus or train. If you’re signed into your Google account, you’ll be able to see a “Places to review” list from your recently saved or searched-for places.

You’ll also be able to browse through restaurants, bars and hotels by opening hours, rating, price, and more if those options are available with new filters.


Google Maps will now also tell you what lane you should be in in order for you not to miss your exit off the road. However, this feature is only available in the United States, and parts of Canada and Japan.


Finally, Google Maps will allow you to schedule what time you want to depart at and when you want to arrive for a train. So if you’re in New York, Chicago, or any other place that offers public transit by train, you’ll be able to schedule that information.


Of course, bug fixes are also present in this new version of Google Maps. This is most likely a staged rollout so don’t expect it to get immediately unless you want to download the APK. Will you be using the new Google Maps features?

Source: Google Maps Blog and Google Play

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