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Google looking to fix battery drain issues on Hangouts 2.1+


If Android users of Hangouts 2.1 or higher are noticing that the battery on the device drains quicker than usual, don’t worry as you’re not alone. Google has reportedly acknowledged this particular bug and is believed to be working on a fix. Battery drain issues are a major concern for Android devices since a large number of services are running in the background. This new revelation doesn’t make things easier for the users.

As a quick fix, users are recommended to use an older version of Hangouts by looking for an apk online and installing the app. It is yet to be clarified as to what’s exactly causing this battery drain, but rest assured, Google will have it fixed soon.

They haven’t given a timeline for the rollout of this update, so we might have to keep waiting for a bit. But that’s not much of a concern given that the app is available directly from the Play Store and Google can update it anytime.

A  Google employee familiar with the matter said – “Thanks for your patience! The engineers believe they have found a fix! As soon as the fix is released I’ll let you know! Unfortunately, I wasn’t provided a timeline, so stay tuned!

Drop a line below and let us know if you’re facing any battery drain issues on your device with the Hangouts app.

Via: Android Authority

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