Taking pictures during video recording is now possible with the Google Camera app

Google Camera

To the joy of many, Google’s stock Android camera app made its way to the Play Store last month as a separate app compatible with all devices. However, while it sported an attractive new interface, it lacked some of the features that were originally present on the Android camera app, like a timer and the ability to take pictures while recording videos. Well, the latter is something that has now returned with the first update to the Google Camera app. 

Taking pictures while recording a video is once again possible, though it doesn’t seem to work on all devices – for example, it worked on my Nexus 7 (2013) but not on my HTC One M8, which suggests Google didn’t think this through (or maybe it’s a limitation on the HTC flagship.) Either way, that’s pretty much the only change brought about by the update, though there are likely under-the-hood changes that improve the camera experience.

The update is currently rolling out to the Play Store. As usual, it could be a while before it reaches everyone, but you can download the APK file and update manually if you aren’t willing to wait.

Download APK [Mirror]

Via: Android Police

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