Google Camera Update Brings Many Features With It

Google Camera

Since being moved to a standalone app in Google Play, the stock Android Camera app has gotten a lot of improvements. Since it’s no longer tied to the OS, Google can freely update when they want to. And now they’ve updated it today.

First, returning from the old version of the Camera app is being able to choose between full-frame 4:3 images or cropped images at 16:9. Though your choice of cropping will affect the total resolution of the photo.


As far as new features, you now can take fisheye or a square wide angle panorama, in addition to the already existing vertical and horizontal panoramas. And you can now set a timer for either 3 or 10 seconds so you can join in on a shot before it’s taken.

There are also a few UI and animation tweaks in the app, but those shouldn’t really affect your experience. There are also probably a few bug fixes included as well.

Since this is a Google app, it is getting a staged rollout, but if you want you can download the APK file here. How do these improvements sound to those of you that use the app?

Source: Google Play via Android Police