Gmail for Android reaches 1 billion downloads


The Gmail app for Android has now surpassed 1 billion downloads ever since it was made available a couple of years ago. Google’s native email client is certainly one of the most popular out there, even though most manufacturers like Samsung, LG, HTC and others offer their own custom email client with devices.

Google’s email client comes by default on Nexus and GPE devices, which has helped increase adoption as well. But even then, the fact that users have made this their primary email client speaks volumes about how far Google has come with its offering.

Google Play Services surpassed 1 billion downloads a few months ago, but since that is offered by default on practically every Google approved device out there, it can’t actually account for actual downloads, which makes Gmail the first app on the Play Store to surpass the 1 billion download mark.

Bear in mind that this is merely a download count and doesn’t necessarily mean there are a billion active users out there. In fact, Google reported having over 425 million monthly active users in 2012, which has perhaps reached close to 600 million by now.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Android Police

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