Samsung Galaxy S3 gets unofficial KitKat ROM, ported from Galaxy Note II

Samsung Galaxy S3 gets unofficial KitKat ROM, ported over from Galaxy Note II

Samsung recently announced that the Galaxy S3 will not be getting updated to Android 4.4 KitKat, owing to memory issues that the company has apparently run into while putting the newest version of Android on its 2012 flagship. However, that’s not something that has deterred the resourceful folks over at the XDA community as a group of developers have managed to port the official KitKat firmware from the Galaxy Note II to the Galaxy S3. 

The Galaxy Note II ROM was found to be too big to fit on the Galaxy S3’s internal partition, but after removing a few of the features that Samsung loves building into its phones, the developers managed to get around that problem thanks to the similar hardware on both devices. It explains why Samsung is unwilling to update the device to KitKat – it wouldn’t be possible to remove existing features as that would irk the general consumer, something that was the case with Android 4.0 on the original Galaxy S as well.

As is usually the case with such ports, the ROM isn’t exactly very stable, with things like calls and sensors not working as they should. The ROM’s developers are hoping to grab some files from the US/LTE model of the Galaxy S3 when it gets updated to KitKat to fix some of the issues, but at the moment it’s in a stage where only advanced users should attempt to install it. The source link has all the details if you’re interested in trying it out.

Source: XDA

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  1. When we finish fixing the hardware stuff, we’ll be putting back in any removed “bloat” that you would normally find in an SGS3. It’s only removed for now to concentrate on the hardware.

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