Galaxy S3 (Android 4.3) Problems, Errors and Solutions [Part 14]

Twelve problems were addressed in this post and most of them are minor. This is the fourteenth edition of our Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems and Solutions, so there were already more than a hundred issues I’ve answered. If you have an issue with your phone, try browsing this post first to see if there are problems here related to yours. If not, try the first thirteen parts, links are provided below:

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#1. Lag, voice commands, multi-window problems

Problems: Hello Droid Guy, thanks for helping out. After upgrading Galaxy S3 GT19305 to Android 4.3 the following problems.

  1. Annoying lag. With power-saving turned off. Also in Safe Mode.
  2. The voice commands for the camera only, turned off, cannot be activated. Greyed out in settings
  3. Shortcuts for lock screen missing. Greyed out in settings.
  4. Wake up voice command for lock screen missing. Greyed out in settings.
  5. Multi-window not activated. Greyed out in settings.

How can it be reset to previous android version? Thanks. — Schalk

Solutions: Schalk, thank for you specifying every problem you have with the Galaxy S3 after the Android 4.3 update. I have a feeling that these problems resulted from corrupt firmware data. You can actually try troubleshooting each problem but I’m pretty sure there’s more that you haven’t discovered yet. I understand why you want to roll back to the previous version but I tell you there’s no easy way, not to mention the risk of bricking your phone if you’re doing it yourself.

But I recommend you do factory reset first; this will rule out the possibility that the firmware package your downloaded and installed was corrupt, or has corrupt data. If that doesn’t fix the problems, bring the phone in and have your service provider or carrier do the roll back to the previous version. If you want to take the risk, root your phone, download latest version of ODIN and the previous version of Android, boot the phone to Download Mode, and flash the firmware to your phone. Please google the instructions as we refuse to link to articles or procedures that we know could compromise the safety of your phone. I hope this helps.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Lagging and Freezing Problems [Troubleshooting Guide]

#2. Phone can’t continue reboot after update

Problem: Dear Droid Guy, this evening, I updated my Samsung Galaxy S3. The entire update process seemed to go fine, until the final reboot. I have encrypted my device’s memory, and I get as far as putting in my password to “use the encrypted device memory,” and then the Droid/gear logo as usual…And then the phone reboots again. I’ve gone through this process numerous times, and I’ve tried clearing the cache as you suggested for someone else in a recent update, but still no success. Help! Thanks, Josh.

Solution: Josh, I’m sorry you have to go through this kind of problem but the last option left for you to do is to perform factory reset. There is a possibility that the firmware package has been corrupt during the download process or installation. I understand you may not have backed up your data because apparently you didn’t expect this to happen but you’re in a situation where you need to make a compromise to bring the phone back to life. Boot your phone to recovery mode and do factory reset from there.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Stuck in Boot Loop

#3. Texts not arranged in chronological order

Problem: Hi, I am very pleased with my new Galaxy S3. However I have noticed in the past few days that when I am texting, my texts do not display in a chronological order. I can text a person and they will respond and then my next text will not follow theirs but I will find it next to my previous text. I hope this makes sense. It is hard to follow a conversation especially if you are asking questions as the answers do not always follow the question but my be visible before the question. Up until recently I didn’t have this problem. I have taken the battery out and put it back in but this did not help. I hope you can help. — Pauline

Solution: Pauline, I personally encountered this problem with my phone (not a Galaxy S3, though) but I haven’t been able to resolve it if I didn’t perform factory reset. But I asked my friend, an XDA Developer, about this problem and he said it could be that your phone’s time and date were messed up. So, you need to make sure they’re set properly.

As for messed up messages, there’s nothing you can do about them already. So, delete those messages that weren’t arranged in chronological order and set the time and date, if possible, set them to use the network’s time.

Galaxy S3 text messages disappear, can’t take screenshot, random overheating

#4. Recovering missing photos

Problem: Hi, I came upon your article regarding missing photos, unfortunately this has happen to me on my Samsung Galaxy S3. I have tried the steps you mentioned but none seem to be working. I have it setup where pictures are automatically saved onto the phone’s internal memory. I do not use an SD card. Would greatly appreciate, if you can assist me with my problem. Best Regards, Thinesh.

Solution: First off, I just want to make things clearer here, there is a big difference between the words ‘missing’ and ‘deleted’ (by accident or not). If your photos have gone missing, they could have just been moved to another directory. The best and safest way to find them is by going through every directory in your phone’s internal storage. If you’re using apps that hide files in your phone, you may check your hidden files and directories because those photos may have been included in the list of files hidden. If those photos were taken by your phone’s camera, you may want to launch the Camera app and browse your camera roll to see if they’re still there.

Now, if your photos couldn’t be found anywhere in your phone, then you could have deleted them. But don’t worry, there is a way to recover them and our friends over at XDA Dev forums provided a step-by-step guide how. Here is the link to that thread.

Missing Pictures in Samsung Galaxy S3 Gallery

#5. Contacts has stopped working

Problem: Dear Droid guy, I am experiencing an issue after I have updated my S3, which is I can’t access my contacts or making phone calls anymore, I have tried everything I found (changing the date and time format, call preferences, and factory reset) and its still not working. Would you be able to assist me? King Regards, Gabriel.

Solution: Did this problem happen immediately after you updated your phone or after several days / weeks? I understand you already did the factory reset but have you tried pulling up the contacts app right after your perform the reset just before you install anything else? One of the reasons why the contacts app crashes is when it tries to pull down information of a certain contact from the server and it never responds; the best example is Google Contacts. After the update, you may have been asked to enter your Google account so it’s possible the problem is related to syncing Contacts with Google. So try this, Home screen > Menu button > Manage apps > All > Google Contacts Sync > Clear Data.

Samsung Galaxy S3 “Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped” Error Message

#6. Phone camera failed

Problem: Even after trying all the options listed in your post Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Failed Problem [How To Fix] camera is still not working. Please advise.

Solution: You failed to mention when and how this problem started, I may be able to provide more information. Since you finished doing any procedure that could have led to the resolution of this problem, then I have reasons to believe it is a hardware issue. Bring the phone to a technician and have the camera sensor checked. Sorry, there’s only so much we could do when it comes to the hardware of your phone.

#7. Fast battery drain

Problem: When my Samsung Galaxy S3 was new it was working perfectly and had no issues. Even when I installed applications the battery was fine. It only used to drain small amounts while using apps. Soon, the battery started to drain massive amounts in a small amount of time. Just by leaving it on the table untouched with the screen locked it goes down by 10 in 20 minutes. Before it only used to go about 15 in 2-3 hours.

When I charged the phone from 0% to 100% it took 6-7 hours when it only used to take 2-3 hours. Same issue occurs with the mobile data on. Before when it was on and was just searching the web it doesn’t decrease much. Only a bit. But now it goes down about 10-15 in less than 10 minutes. And again it happens while calling or texting. I was having multiple conversations and the battery went down 15 for 10 minutes worth of calls and same with texting.

Even while watching videos from YouTube it decreases very much when before it never used to. So I contacted Samsung Support and they said to restore the phone. I did it but the problem is still there. Afterwards they said to take it to the support centre. I gave it in and after 2 days I received it back again restored. However, the problem is still there and has gotten worse than before I gave it to the support centre.

I sent another email to them again but they didn’t reply. Soon after a new software update was released for my phone. Android 4.3. After I updated it, the problem became MUCH WORSE. The battery literally dies much faster. Even when leaving it alone the battery drains. Please help resolve this issue. Thank You. — Rohit

Solution: What did the technician say about the problem? What were his recommendations? The main purpose why they requested you send the phone in was to know, in the first place, what the problem really is. After examinations the technician may already have known what the problem is or, at least, suspecting something that may have caused it. Even if the problem was solved, he should have told you about the issue in your phone.

The only thing I could think of while reading your message is that, it could be a battery issue. If you can get a new battery kit, that would be better. You never mentioned of any significant software-related changes so I assume this problem gradually showed until one day you noticed your battery was draining faster than before. It’s a sign that it has deteriorated over time and a sign to get a new kit.

Extending the battery life of Samsung Galaxy S3

#8. Phone slowed down

Problem: Hello, for the past 6 months or so, I’ve experienced a massive slowdown on my device. restarting doesn’t work, killing all apps doesn’t work, can’t really figure out what’s causing it…but the keyboard lags behind when you press keys, menus are slow sometimes, I don’t know what to do! any advice? Thanks, Russell.

Solution: It sounds like a typical slowing down of the phone. One way to know whether it is third-party apps that cause the problem or the pre-installed ones and core services, is to boot it to safe mode. While in that state, observe closely how the phone responds to your commands. If it performs way faster and buttery than its current performance, then there are apps that are causing all the lags.

However, if the phone still performs poorly even when in safe mode, it’s the pre-installed apps and core services that cause the issue. But either way, factory reset will fix the problem, you need to backup your important data before doing that, though.

#9. Phone stopped charging

Problem: Hi, my Samsung Galaxy S3 won’t charge. It just suddenly stopped charging. I took it to a place to see if it was the phone itself but they couldn’t tell me what was wrong & its not the charger or the battery I don’t know what to do. Thanks, Jae.

Solution: I would assume that you are 100% sure it is neither the battery nor the charger that has problems and if that’s the case, then it’s the phone or one of its components; I’m thinking about the USB port. I am not trying to discredit anybody here but if what the tech did was to charge the phone and gave it back saying he doesn’t know what the problem is, then he probably wasn’t suspecting the USB port. Again, I assume you’re certain it’s not the battery or the charger, so have the phone checked by another technician and have the USB port checked properly.

Galaxy S3 and S4 Charging, S Voice and Dictionary Problems and Solutions

#10. Galaxy S3 asks for Wi-Fi password every time

Problem: Hi dear, well finally I can vented my frustrations regarding this phone. I have a pain every time I get at home I have to enter my pass code for access my network (WiFi) the same happen when I go to my relatives home And I have to enter the codes all the time, before my phone was saving those networks…no anymore, this is a pain really because if I forget it I will be using Mobile date instead use the WiFi around. I will appreciate all your help. — Manuel

Solution: Hello, may be it’s just an issue with the Wi-Fi setting. Please follow these steps:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings then touch the Connections tab.
  3. Tap WiFi, then tap the Menu key again.
  4. Touch Advanced.
  5. Tick the option Auto Connect.

I hope this helps.

How To Fix Galaxy S3 WiFi Authentication Error

#11. Phone will not turn on

Problem: Hi there, my Samsung Galaxy S3 was turning on /off randomly for a few hours. When turning it on, it was not staying on for more than 1 min. Then after a few hours it wont turn on at all. I was not upgrading or installing any app before this happened. I removed the battery for hours, charge it, but still cannot turn it on – the screen is black. Samsung suggested that the only chance is a Hard reset , meaning everything stored on the cell gets lost. Any other suggestions? Thank you for your help, Adriana.

Solution: Well, I agree with the Samsung rep. Factory reset is an obvious fix for this issue and that’s the easiest way. But it seems to me that you don’t want to compromise data in your phone, so here’s what I suggest:

  1. Boot the phone to safe mode, this way we would know if the phone would still power on without any third-party apps running. If you can, then there’s a greater chance that a third-party app is causing the problem. You only have to find that app while in safe mode and uninstall it; start from the most recent installation. Every after you uninstall an app, try booting normally if you can. This will take time but it’s worth it. You may also want to backup all your data while you can boot to safe mode.
  2. Boot to recovery mode. This step will test if the device will boot up even without loading the main Android and TouchWiz interface. Do this if you cannot boot to Safe Mode. In this state, try wiping the cache partition and boot up normally. If the phone still can’t boot after that, there’s no other option but to do what the Samsung rep told you.

How To Fix A Galaxy S3 That Won’t Turn On [Troubleshooting Guide]

#12. Cannot make calls without rebooting

Problem: Hi, I found your website via a Google search for issues I am having with my S3. So here is the problem: when my phone is turned on and I want to make a telephone call, naturally I navigate to the phone icon located on the lower left hand side of the screen. The phones keyboard is displayed, I type in the phone number, including area code. The number dials…then the phone call is “ended”. Repeating this yields nothing but the same, the phone call ends before any kind of connection can be made. Very frustrating! The only “fix” I know of is to shut the phone down completely, wait a minute or two, start the phone up again, wait for everything to load, then, make the call again. Usually works. However, this is a very cumbersome way to use a phone. Please help! Many thanks, David.

Solution: Odds are there is a third-party app that is causing this problem or it is a hardware issue. To rule the first possibility, boot the phone to safe mode and try making a call from there. If you can make a call without having to reboot your phone, then you need to find the app that’s causing it. In case the problem persists, please backup all your data and perform factory reset. If that doesn’t help, then bring it in and have it checked by a technician.

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