Galaxy Note 3 Problems, Errors and Quick Ways to Fix Them [Part 12]


Welcome to the 12th edition of our Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems and Solutions series. At least ten problems or questions were addressed in this post so if you currently have problems with your phone, try to see if they have already been addressed here or in the first eleven parts of the series. Links are provided after the break.

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#1. Phone mutes while in a call, dials number

Problem: I have the latest version of the Galaxy Note 3 and my problem is that invariably while I’m in the middle of a call the mute activates. I’ve got the phone set for the screen to shut off when it’s against my ear but somehow it’s muting. And now, just awhile ago, it dialed a gibberish number while I was in the middle of a call so I lost the call I was on and got a Verizon recording. I’ve tried calling time and temperature for a nonsense call, to try and duplicate the phenomenon but alas, I can’t recreate it. Have you heard of this problem elsewhere and if so what can I do? Thanks for your help, Eric.

Solution: Yes, I encountered problems like these before but most of them were caused by third-party accessories. I’m actually interested in knowing when these issues started to manifest in your phone and how frequent they happen. One or two occurrences of these problems cannot help determining what the issues are. But if we were to examine closely, they should either be caused by third-party apps and services or pre-installed apps and core services. But I’m pretty sure they don’t happen so often so there’s no way for us to closely observe it. However, I would advice you to be mindful of apps that are running in the background because they might be the cause of the problem.

If you are using third-party cases and other accessories, try to remove them for a few days and see if the problem would still happen. As to the automatic muting, I think it has something to do with the Volume Down button being pressed while in a call. And are you sure that the screen turns off when place it near your face? The only way the phone could dial a number is when the screen is on and unlocked. For now, I can’t actually provide a recommendation on what to do to fix or prevent these problems from happening again. But please, continue observing the phone and feel free to email us back if you have a clue what causes them. Thanks.

#2. Phone and apps become sluggish after update

Problem: I updated KitKat OTA. The phone isn’t having any big problems but small noticeable ones. The camera area on the back gets scolding hot during use of phone while not even using camera. The touch screen is extremely sluggish as if the memory is being all sucked up. My lock screen has 1 sec or more touch delay response. All apps that I use are all scrolling slow and stutter. My keyboard is swift key, which now lags real bad with a second or more delay per key stroke. Everything was running flawlessly before 4.4.2. Now its as if I have downloaded malware and told it to run up all my CPU and memory. — Travis

Solution: I started using Android the day Gingerbread was released publicly and OTA updates can be installed flawlessly during that time. In fact, OTA updates are something to look forward to because once you installed the latest firmware, the device would run better than before. I remember having to update my entry-level LG phone from GB to ICS, it was smooth and I never experienced problems after doing so. Unfortunately, that is not the case today and I’m sorry you have to experience all these problems, Travis.

I’m pretty sure that factory reset can bring the phone back to its original working state but try wiping the cache partition via the recovery mode first. If that works then you don’t have to go through all the troubles in backing up your data.

#3. Black line appears on screen after drop

Problem: Hi, I’m suffering with the issue on my Note 3. It fell down once on the right side. On the screen one black line came which is one centimeter wide and it’s not going away. Please, kindly help me out with this issue. — Mini

Solution: Mini, it’s apparently a display panel issue and whatever we do in its software, it won’t fix this. If the phone is under warranty, try bringing it in for physical check up by an authorized technician. Odds are it is just a loose connection or a small part in the display panel was broken due to the impact of the drop. You may buy a new display panel plus the digitizer.

#4. Can’t read MMS messages from iPhone

Problem: Apparently for years there has been a messaging problem between Apple and Android. I cannot read or open an MMS message sent from Apple iMessage on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Many of my friends still have iPhones and they send MMS messages unbeknownst to them I cannot read their messages. What can I do on my Note 3 to be able to read these annoying iMessages? I’m sure many Android phone users would be grateful to get this resolved. And who knows, maybe one day Apple will realize not everyone lives in their utopian society. God’s blessings be upon you, Greg.

Solution: Greg, I believe you’re a convert from iPhone to Note 3 because this will never happen to first time Android users. And the phone number you use with your phone right now may be the same number you used when you were using an iOS device, or at least it has been used for iMessage or Facetime before. Actually, Apple already knew about this problem, they even put up a page for this. So, instead of parroting what they posted, I will point you to that post. [here’s the link]

#5. Action Memo stopped working

Problem: Ever since I updated my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to KitKat 4.4.2 my Action Memo not working no more it just gives the message saying “unfortunately action Memo has stopped” how do I sort out this problem. My phone is SM-N9005. You could help please do. Regards, M. Ricky.

Solution: The immediate action you should undertake is to clear both the cache and data of the Action Memo by going to Settings and application manager. If that doesn’t help, try booting the phone to Recovery Mode and wipe cache partition from there. This would save you from hassles if it worked, otherwise perform factory reset. But it depends on you if you want to go through all the troubles backing up your data for this app to work.

#6. Swype keyboard lags

Problem: I have a Verizon Note 3 running 4.3 runs great but a lot of time I get key board lags I don’t have a lot of apps running or installed but some times I have to touch the screen to get it to appear and I’m using Swype to type also have 8 gig SD card that’s the only problem I have thanks, Larry.

Solution: First of all, close all recent apps and clear your phones RAM via the Task Manager, this should make your phone run faster. Then, clear cache and data of Swype keyboard to rule out the possibility that it is just corrupt data issue. I think this is just a minor issue with the keyboard that you’re using and nothing much, so there’s no point in suggesting further troubleshooting steps. I’m not sure why you have to mention your SD card, but if you’re having problems with it, try unmounting it and mount again.

#7. Cannot pull down the notification bar

Problem: Hello, I have a weird problem with my Galaxy Note 3. Sometimes I can’t open the notification bar at all. I swipe down and nothing happens. I’ve tried nova launcher and tasker to create activities that opens the notification bar but with no luck. This happens randomly once at two-three days and the only solution is to reboot the phone. I have a stock Android 4.4.2. Thanks! — Ibrahim

Solution: If a reboot can fix it, then it’s a minor glitch. I am more interested in knowing what apps were running when this problem happened. Due to the frequency of the occurrence, we cannot actually observe the phone closely or can predict when it would happen again. But try to disable apps that has something to do with the Notification bar and observe how long the problem would occur again. Email us back and make this post as a reference and tell us what happened.

#8. Can’t hear audio when playing videos

Problem: Hi guys, I’ve seen your nice blog and thought that worth sending an email. I’m happy with my note 3 acquisition and to the power and quality of its sound. Yesterday night my kid was watching a YouTube video on its highest volume, but that’s Ok, I’ve heard loud music in it before. But today when I went to see my YouTube videos noticed that even at the highest volume it was very low, not just to hear music but everything.   I restarted, took the battery away and the sound quality returned for a while only. Curious isn’t it? I’d like not to take it to the maintenance as they will keep with my baby for at least 3 days and I can’t live without my note 3. Please help. Thanks. — Alvaro

Solution: We have a lot of factors to consider here. First is the overall volume of the phone and of the video. If you have music tracks on your phone, try playing some to check if the phone would still sound off using the loudspeaker. If so, then there’s no problem with the phone’s speaker, thus, the problem should either be in the settings of the device or of the video. However, if the phone’s loudspeaker wouldn’t sound off like it used to and you know the overall volume was set to the highest level, then it could be that the speaker was busted. If the phone is acting up, then there could be some circuitry that were messed up and you need to have it checked.

#9. Phone hangs very often

Problem: Sir I have a note 3. I have not downloaded many apps, approximately 12 GB space .

  1. My phone tends to hang very often. Especially if I am using Facebook and it is not responding for some reason. Why does it hang?
  2. If I download docs from internet where do I access them.
  3. Should we download clean master? Good or will slow my Note 3?

Solution: Your Facebook app may have already accumulated a lot of data and it’s taking so long to load them all. Try clearing the cache and data, if that doesn’t work, uninstall and re-install the app. If your phone tends to hang randomly, close recent apps and clear the RAM via the Task Manager.

Documents are saved inside the folder of the app you used to download them. For example, you used Google Chrome to download a document, by default you can find the file by browsing Chrome’s folder. The same thing happens when you use other apps to download files from the web.

I personally don’t use third-party device management apps like Clean Master. It is because I don’t save many important data on my phones so when they tend to slow down after months of use, I immediately perform factory reset to bring the phone back to its optimum performance. Besides you have the built in task manager you can call any time. Some management apps can actually slow down devices.

#10. Multiple questions about Note 3

Questions: Hi, I have a Note 3, and I love it but it a few problems;

  1. The painted metal effect bezel chips very easily.
  2. Is there a way I can update my Note 3 version of touchwiz to the new S5 version, or when this update will be possible.
  3. Do you know the IP certification for Note 3 (e.g. S5 IP67).
  4. How long can note 3 survive in water?


Answer: Hello, well, everyone loves the Note 3, however, problems are inevitable. Actually, you’re not the first one to complain about the chipping of the paint on Note 3 but we can’t do something about that but to advice you to take good care of your phone. It’s a manufacturing issue, Aiden.

The TouchWiz UI is actually just one of the pre-installed apps or services and if there’s someone that could extract it from the firmware and make it as some kind of a standalone app, then you can install on your Note 3. But as of this writing, there isn’t any available standalone apk for TW. There were, however, people who have successfully ported Galaxy S5’s firmware to Note 3. If you want, you can do that.

About the IP certification, not all smartphones have it because devices can only be certified if they pass several tests. For example, the S5 is IP67-certified, which means it has passed all water- and dust-proofing tests. Unfortunately, the Note 3 doesn’t have this certification. Thus, it cannot last under water even for a few minutes.

#11. Can’t use apps or browse contacts

Problem: Hi, I have had my galaxy note 3 for more than a month now. Loving it! However I downloaded the KitKat 4.4.2 last night. Ever since then my phone locks dead, can’t use applications or even browse through my contact list – phone has become useless! What can I do to fix the problem. Please help! — Michelle

Solution: Assuming that you successfully updated your phone to the latest firmware, then I have reason to believe that this problem of yours may have been caused by corrupt data. Yes, data can be corrupted during the update process. But try to boot to Safe Mode first and see if you can get the phone working properly. If not, proceed with wiping of the cache partition via the recovery mode. And if that doesn’t help, perform factory reset.

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  1. I cannot receive texts from sister suddenly. I have rechecked her contact info. When conversation stream ncludes her, it is obvious I am not receiving her messages. Same occurs with my son suddenly last fall. And my daughter two weeks ago. In all cases, we had frequent text interactions until the failure occurred.

  2. The short cut notification that is on the side just disappeared and I’ve been trying to get it back but i cant….please help

  3. Regarding the drop down notification bar. I too have this problem. It just started in the last two days. No apps were added or removed. Nothing has been changed that I am aware of. I have tried clearing cache and the like, but nothing but rebooting (sometimes more than one reboot) fixes it. And it happens at random times. Usually the majority of it is when there is no app open and I’m tying to open to view msgs. Which means I unlock my phone which takes me to the main home screen and then I try to roll it down and nothing. Once in a while this happens in an app. But it isn’t an app specific problem. Cause it doesn’t matter which app. Just happens. So not sure what to try. I tried powering down. Taking the Sim card and memory card out. Waiting a couple seconds and then putting it back together and still no fix.
    Thanks for any advice.

  4. Hello, I have a weird problem with my
    Galaxy Note 3. after the kids using my phone in kid mode playing games I can’t open the notification bar at all. I
    swipe down and nothing happens.i did notice my phone was hotter than normal so i turned it off for a while to let it cool then turned it on to discover the problem . i have not done backup and reset as i have text messages i don’t want to lose and other things

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