Galaxy Note 3 Problems and Easy Ways to Fix Them [Part 11]

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Hello guys, welcome to yet another part of our Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems and Solutions series. This is apparently the 11th part and I’ve addressed ten problems in this post. If you have issues with your Note 3, browse this long post to see if your concern is one of the things I’ve addressed. I also urge you to go over the first 10 parts the series, links are provided after the break.

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#1. Note 3 charging issues

Problem: Hi, I saw your page online about Galaxy Note 3 problems. I’m having an issue with the charger or charging process. I have the original charger for the house and the car and they aren’t working properly.

It appears the charging port isn’t quite reading the end of the charger like it once did as I have to prop up the charging cord in the car to work the right way. The house charger just plain won’t work. It beeped and vibrated all night trying to read the charger. I’m not sure what to do. I talked with someone from Samsung and they are trying to be sure I didn’t hurt the phone or that I didn’t download an app that is messing with the charger. Feeling a bit discouraged as I feel like it is the port…HELP! I have seen from searching I’m not alone with this problem. Is my best bet a new phone?

Solution: Well, a new phone would be nice as always. But I’m sure you want to know what the problem really is, so there are things you need to do in order to find out what the culprit really is. I would assume the phone is in mint condition and there are no physical or water damage. To rule out the possibility of a third-party app messing with the battery, boot the phone to Safe Mode to disable all possible applications that were downloaded and then attempt to charge the phone. If that fails, please buy a new charger. It’s your call because there’s no guarantee it’s a charger issue. It’s just one of the ways to know if the problem is with the phone’s charging port or the charger.

If you have a new charger and the phone still refuses to charge, then you may be right; it could be the charging port. Have the phone checked by an authorized technician. You might end up buying a new charging port, which may fix the problem.

#2. Note 3 screen problem solved by updating

Question: Good day, yes my wives Galaxy Note 3 has a similar problem all of a sudden. Phone is 2 months old. Screen would just freeze up and stay black. Had to restart the phone completely for it to function normally again and then within minutes the screen would be frozen and nothing worked. After every restart the screen would show an unlocked padlock icon and the wording “custom” at the bottom. Phone worked fine right after reboot but within minutes it would be frozen again with nothing working. Took it to AT&T for a check. They determined that the memory card was corrupt and they were going to reflash the rom. They did not say that the corrupt memory card caused the problem only that in addition to the problem the memory card was corrupt. They gave me the phone back so I can backup the data at home and then take the phone back so they can reflash the rom. At home I upgraded the phone from 4.3 to 4.4. I removed the memory card and now the phone is functioning normally. I have not checked the memory card at home yet but after upgrading the OS, the phone seems to work fine. I don’t see how a corrupt memory card can alter how the phone works but I am just a simple end user. Thanks.

Answer: It can. The phone won’t actually stop reading from the microSD card even if it’s corrupted. The device’s operation can be affected by corrupt storage devices because it will not stop trying to read from an unreadable partition, which requires the use of RAM and other services. Corrupt SD card can cause random reboots, freezing, extreme lags, faster battery drain, and screen malfunction. Moreover, frequent mounting and un-mounting of the SD card can mess up the phone’s normal operation. It’s good to know you’ve solved your problem by upgrading the firmware.

#3. No camera icon on lock screen

Problem: Hi guys, hope you can help me with this little problem. I’m a Galaxy Note 3 user and I upgrade it to KitKat 4.4.2. Everything goes smoothly except that on my lock screen there is no camera icon on it. Do I need to activate something on the setting for this? By the way I’m using the Korean version of Note 3 (sm-n900k). Thank you.

Solution: Yes, there is a setting for that. Follow these steps:

  1. From the Home screen, touch the Menu key.
  2. Touch Settings, and then Device.
  3. Touch Lock screen, and then Multiple Widgets.
  4. Touch the toggle switch to Turn On Multiple widgets.
  5. Touch Camera and then Save.

That’s it! I hope this helps.

#4. Note 3 insufficient storage

Problem: Hello I have a Note 3 which I love but my YouTube app started crashing so I deleted it and tried to reinstall it now my phone is saying insufficient storage when I have 18GB free space. Please help I need my apps to load.

Solution: Move all movable apps from your phone’s internal storage to your microSD card. That should free up some space internally, which would eventually resolve your problem. Moreover, you may clear cache and data of apps you don’t use any more or uninstall them for good. Also move your pictures and videos to your SD card, they often eat up space.

#5. Fast battery drain

Problem: Hi guys, I have a really strange problem with my Note 3. If I charge it overnight via the wall charger, the battery drains to about 80% within 20-30 minutes of me removing the phone from the charger. Any ideas why? Thanks a ton, Rahul.

Solution: I don’t know the history of your phone or the apps your using as well as the overall setup but the last time I encountered this problem with a Note 3, it was a battery issue. But try booting the phone to Safe Mode and observe if it still drains the battery faster than usual. If it does, then apparently it’s a battery issue. Perhaps the battery itself can’t hold a charge anymore. If the phone eats up battery normally when in safe mode, then a third-party app is causing the problem. Find that app and uninstall it.

#6. Note 3 lags, Wi-Fi drops

Problem: I’m facing lags on my Note 3. When I go to wifi, it says gallery’s stopped unfortunately. I’ve installed Clean Master. When using it, my wifi network dropped. Please help.

Solution: First of all, uninstall Clean Master because you said your Wi-Fi network drops every time you use it. There’s no point in continuing to use a third-party app that causes problems. Second, boot to safe mode and see if the phone still lags, or if the gallery crashes. If so, backup your data and perform factory reset. Otherwise, the problem is with your third-party apps. Find those that cause the problem and uninstall them.

#7. Note 3 overheats when playing games

Problem: Hello, recently my Galaxy Note 3 N900 gets really hot to the point I can’t touch my phone for a few minutes when I play intense games such Asphalt 8 , Real Racing 3 , Spiderman 2. I tried to Factory reset my phone but the problem still persists and even worst. Please help, I can’t find any solution. Thank you!

Solution: Oh well, you failed to mention how many hours you play intense games with your phone before it starts to overheat. For a powerful phone with high resolution display like the Note 3, it is normal that would become hot when used for hours. I am more curious about your statement “to the point I can’t touch my phone” because you’re holding the phone the entire time your gaming, right? The battery emits heat as well as the screen not to mention the heat your hands generate when you’re holding the phone for hours while gaming with pretty intense games. The thing is, you need to give the phone a break after several minutes of gaming or until it becomes hotter.

#8. Wasn’t able to use my Note 3

Problem: So I bought me a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and haven’t been able to use it considering there’s no SIM card in it so what do I do? How do I know if it’s unlocked where I can use any carrier for my plan? Or what do I do in order to get it working wanting to use it as a prepaid plan where you just buy the cards for it! Is that possible or did I just waste my $$$$?

Solution: Where did you purchase the phone? It is more likely the international variant of the Note 3. As your question whether you can still use it with a prepaid plan, well yes. As far as I know, Straight Talk offers a service where you can just bring your own phone, have it registered on their network and purchase a prepaid plan. So, you better call their hotline to have the phone provisioned. I’m also sure other carriers offer the same.

#9. Stuck on AT&T logo on boot

Droid guy,

Hope you can help me find a solution with my wife’s GN3.

The problem: Restart the phone for any reason, get the Galaxy Note 3 splash, then then AT&T boot tone and white screen with AT&T logo. That’s it. Stuck at this point with screen on. If left alone, phone will get hot and battery will eventually die.

Work-around: battery pull; SD card pull. Boot. After several such cycles (no discernable pattern), the phone starts up again as normal. Reinsert the SD card and go.

Have tried safe mode – get to point of selecting launcher with “SAFE MODE” at the bottom of the screen, but within 10 seconds or so the phone just goes into a reboot.

History: Problem was happening with 4.3 (stock, not rooted). Did factory reset, shortly after phone updated to 4.4. Problem eventually reappeared. Had phone replaced. New handset was 4.3 out of the box but updated to 4.4 shortly afterwards. Problem eventually reappeared.

Could there be an app that is causing this, or some other type of download? Would wiping cache partition help? Would wiping cache partition result in loss of any app settings, data, personal info, etc?

I know a factory reset will cure this for a while, but the above history suggests it will recur. I suspect a downloaded app may be causing the problem, but where to start? Have 300+ apps. — Charles

Answers: It seems to me that the microSD card has something to do with it, so unmount it physically and then try to boot to safe mode again. Observe if the phone reboots when in that state and if it does, try wiping the cache partition via recovery mode. Don’t worry, it will not result to loss of data as you would only be emptying a directory where app caches are stored. If that doesn’t help, then it is necessary to perform factory reset.

However, if the phone won’t go into boot loop when in Safe Mode with the microSD card unmounted, then it is apparent the problem is linked to your external storage device. Perhaps there are data the phone wants to access from the SD card but can’t successfully call them for some reason. At this point, try to boot normally but leave the SD card unmounted. If the phone won’t reboot, that’s another proof it’s an SD card issue more than anything else. However, if the phone still reboots even if the card is not mounted, then it’s time you performed factory reset.

#10. Wi-Fi stops working after installing apps

Problem: Hello, my name is Ammad, I am recently facing some problem with my wifi. I am using galaxy note 3 n9005. The problem is after installing many apps my wifi is not working it is connected but can’t use internet, when I turn off the wifi in my phone then its working on other device like my computer and other andriod devices. I have done a factory reset one time after that the problem was solved but now again after installing apps the problem shows again, I use cleaner master for cleaning ram and junk files some time it works and wifi is ok but some time its not working after cleaning ram etc. and my phone is not rooted its new used 1 week. I don’t know what’s the problem with my phone, is there any permanent solution for this? Please help me, please.

Solution: You made it very clear that the problem starts to manifest after you installed “many” apps but I’m not sure there’s only one app that’s messing your phone, not all of them. So, you need to find that app that’s causing all this. And by the way, after a factory reset, you don’t need clean the RAM as there aren’t much data cached yet.

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  1. I have note 3 and have had no problems with it. Its running really smooth. It is worth buying. Performance is great on it. Best phone i ever bought.

  2. Its better to buy docking charger from amazon . . I bought one for my note 3 and i can charge my phone and spare battery at the same time. You can still send text mgs while its charging. My note . And when charging spare battery your battery will stay cool. I find using charger it came with heated my phone up. Now ive no problems since using charging dock.

  3. The micro USB ports are very brittle, at least they are with my Note1. Not sure how the tear down on the n3 is, but to replace the port on the note1 is about a 10 minute process. The replacement board is less than 10 dollars on just about any site. The only thing you need to ensure is that you look at the build numbers ON the board in your current device, and make sure the replacement matches that. Get the wrong one and you will find your signal levels about 1/2 or less than what you have now. I banged my N1 into a table with it plugged in and then it would only charge if I slightly pushed up on the cable. Swapped out a new board and good as new now.

  4. Even I was
    faced the similar USB charging issue in my Galaxy Note 3. Well, I found the
    problem in micro USB port of the device. But I find alternative way of charging
    my device by just simply placing it on wireless charger that I purchased from
    Amazon www .amazon .com/dp/B00FPFM4AYand its working fine from last 10 months.

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