Galaxy Note 2 Problems, Issues and Ways To Solve Them [Part 11]


In this edition of our Galaxy Note 2 Problems and Solutions series, ten problems were addressed. So, if you’ve sent us your questions, try to browse the post to see if I’ve addressed your concern. If not, try to go over the first ten parts of this series because I’ve already answered at least a hundred issues our readers sent us.

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#1. Phone charges only when connected to PC

Problem: Good day, recently something happened with my phone, Samsung Note II. I hadn’t seen it update the software at all. But recently, and I mean 2 days ago, I suddenly had this problem with the USB connecting and charging. My charger works fine at my mom’s Samsung Galaxy Grand. Even my porter cables. As I was on trip at another town, my phone did work fine. Even able to connect it to my pc and other pc. But recently it won’t connect. First thing that happened is that it wont charge. Batt drains fast and it won’t recognize any charger. My port is clean. It went on for 2 days of disrupted charging again and again. Then I resolved to factory reset. The charging issue was solved. But when I connected it to PC via USB chord, it just charges. The USB chord works fine on my mom’s phone too. I checked for software update, it said latest updates installed, so I assume it already updated to the 4.3 version. I hope you can help me with this. I really don’t know what to do. — Rein

Solution: There’s something I want you to try because perhaps the USB setting of the phone has just been messed up. Please follow this procedure:

  1. Launch the dialer and dial *#7284#.
  2. A window will pop up to let you change USB connection settings, choose PDA.
  3. Now find the button that says Qualcomm USB and tap on it.
  4. Now touch MTP + ADP option.
  5. Tap Save and Reset.
  6. Wait for the phone to reboot.
  7. Once the phone becomes active, connect it to your computer using the original cable.
  8. Your computer should download and install drivers.
  9. Once finished, disconnect the phone and reconnect it.
  10. On the notification bar of your phone, there should be a USB symbol, so tap on it.
  11. Choose MTP.
  12. Now the computer should be able to read your phone and you can access your files through the explorer.

If this procedure, however, doesn’t fix the problem, have the phone checked by a technician. It could be an issue with the USB port.

#2. File is not compatible, app not installed

Problem: Dear Droid guy, a month back, I was taking pictures and video on my Galaxy Note 2 all day. When I went to check on them that evening, my phone had said something to the effects of “the SD card is blank or the file is not compatible.” I’m not sure what it meant, but I tried everything to restore it via computer. It didn’t work, so I formatted it. However, my dilemma is that, I redownloaded all the previous apps and moved the ones to the SD card and restart my phone. When it finishes what it’s doing, all my apps are not even there. I tried to click on the grayed out app and it says “app not installed.” I was told that my SD card is dying or failing. So do I need to buy a new one or is this something else? I would appreciate the help! Thanks! — Kelly

Solution: I, too, think it is a microSD card issue more than anything else, Kelly. I am pretty sure that the icons that were grayed out are the ones that belong to the apps you moved to your SD card. The “app not installed” error message happens because all data necessary to run the app are stored in the microSD card, which your phone can’t read from. When you moved them, only caches and icons were left on your phone’s internal memory. I suggest you buy a new microSD card with good quality, after all it’s an investment.

#3. Cannot send / receive picture messages

Problem: I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 model number SGH T889, I have been in contact with Samsung for a few days now and they can’t resolve my problem with my cell. I even did a master reset, nothing is working. Please help. — Maricela

Solution: Maricela, please check if the mobile data is enabled in your phone. Picture messages or MMS cannot be downloaded using Wi-Fi and that goes without saying that you cannot send one as well. You already did the master reset and the problem persists so it is apparently not a phone problem. If mobile data is already enabled in your phone, then it’s the APN settings; you need to call your provider or carrier and ask for it. The model number suggests you’re under the umbrella of T-Mobile, so call their hotline and ask for the APN settings and have the rep walk you through setting it up correctly on your phone. Or, you can visit this page for some information.

#4. White spots appear on the screen

Problem: I have a Galaxy Note 2 N7100, which is purchased about 7-8 months ago from a brand outlet. But accidentally my phone fell and its outer glass got broken and its screen is changed, but now there are few dust particles are getting inside the screen and white spots are appearing. I just getting it repaired twice by changing screen but still problem persists, so please help me out to solve the problem! — Vinayak

Suggestion: The ‘outer glass’ was the digitizer (a component responsible for touchscreen) and it is not fixed on the display panel or LCD itself. The display, however, is airtight and there’s no way dust particles can enter unless it was also broken due to the drop. But assuming the display panel is completely well (because if not it will start to bleed liquid), you said there are dust particles that managed to penetrate the screen. I am pretty sure they were able to penetrate the small gap between the digitizer (outer glass) and the display. And the white spots you said could be molds. The only way to get rid of them is to remove the digitizer and clean it together with the display. You may need to employ services of a tech for this task.

#5. Text message notifications not working

Problem: Hi, with the new update I have found that the text message audio alert has stopped working all together. It will only vibrate – and I’ve been through all of the settings. Another person I know has the same phone and same problem since the update. Heard anything about this? Thanks! — Tracy

Solution: You know I have a lot of questions to ask just to know what the problem really is. But if you’re using a third-party messaging app, try disabling that first or better yet uninstall it to know if the problem is with the stock messaging app or hardware. You can also boot to safe mode if you’re not sure if you installed a different messaging app. If the notification sound plays well when in safe mode, then it’s a third-party app that’s causing this. However, if the phone still won’t sound off even if you made sure settings were correct, then there’s an issue with either the messaging app or the phone itself. Try clearing both the cache and data of the Message app and if that doesn’t work, backup your data and perform factory reset just to rule out the possibility that it is a firmware issue. You may want to have it checked by a tech if the problem persists.

#6. Email has stopped

Problem: About 6 weeks ago, my device’s embedded email system quit giving an aural notification. In the past, I could change the sound by going to settings (when the app is open), pressing account settings, and then pressing the email address link. However, since aural notifications stopped, when I press on the email address link, I get a popup that says “Unfortunately, Email has stopped.” I went to the Verizon store and they told me it was a Samsung problem.

Solution: I believe it’s just an application issue, it’s nothing serious. What’s disappointing to know is that Verizon reps didn’t even bother to help you with it. The easiest way out is to blame the manufacturer for every problem that happens in the phone even if it’s clearly just a software issue. Try clearing the cache and data of the Email app and for us to know if this is a third-party issue, try booting to safe mode and observe if the problem happens. Well, if all else fails, do a master reset. I’m pretty sure when you call Samsung about this problem, you’ll be advised that this is a Verizon issue.

#7. Note 2 shows two S Note apps

Problem: Hi, I’m proud owner of Samsung galaxy note 2, still very happy with it and note 3 didn’t impressed me much to switch let see note 4. Always follow legit and paid software. Only update it when it comes from Samsung directly. Have purchased many software suggested by drippler. I need to reset the phone to factory default to see if that can fix the problem of two different s note application I have after phone was upgraded to 4.3 or you have any other work around? All the application I have purchased are from Google Play Store. What will happen to them as well my data in the phone? What is the recommended procedure to do factory default reset

Solution: I’m pretty sure it’s just a minor glitch caused by the recent update. During the process, the phone needs to cache new data replacing the old ones but not all the time those data will be deleted. If the phone fails to do so, this problem you’re currently experiencing is just one of the results. But don’t worry, it’s nothing serious. Simply wiping the cache partition will solve this issue. All you need to do is boot to recovery mode and select ‘wipe cache partition’ option. You need to reboot the phone after doing so. If it doesn’t fix the problem, then proceed with your factory reset but I recommend you do it via the recovery mode. That’s an effective way of doing factory reset.

#8. Phone will not charge, becomes hot

Problems: I have had 3 replacement phones in one weeks time. The issue that I am having is The screen Flickering Off when it is idle. Like if the screen is blacked out by pressing the button on the side of the phone in about 5 seconds the phone will turn back on as if someone pressed the home or the side key to access the phone. It will continue to flicker off and on for the duration of the battery’s life. Once this process has drained the battery the phone is not able to charge. I have left it overnight only to return to the phone and disconnect it from it’s original Samsung charger with the phone being Hot and there’s not charge on the phone. Upon disconnecting it I receive the error of please connect your phone to a charger and the battery shows yellow. I am afraid to keep charging it in this state because I don’t want it to explode or catch fire. Can you help me please? — Neda

Solution: Neda, there could be an app or service that wakes the phone up while it’s in idle state. This might be the cause why the screen automatically turns on and off. Download the Wakelock Detector app from the Play Store. The app would help you determine wakelocks that prevent the phone from entering sleep mode and get rid of them.

As to the charging problem, try booting the phone to Safe Mode and charge it while it’s in that state. It could be that the phone’s services eat up the battery more than the charger could provide so even if you left it to charge for a day, the battery percentage won’t improve and the phone becomes hotter. I believe the screen flickering issue and the charging problem are somehow connected. If you can solve the wakelock problem, you might be able to fix the charging problem and vice versa.

#9. Gallery crashes, can’t remember words

Problem: Hi droid guy. I have the Sprint version of the Note 2 and about a couple of months ago (maybe less), they updated the firmware to 4.3. So far, I have noticed 2 things wrong since the update. The first one is the major one. Lets say you are viewing a pic and you want to send it via Gmail. The share icon is pressed and it gives me this error “Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped.” I can’t seem to make it work. The only option I have available is to send that pic via text. I have tried booting my phone in Recovery Mode and wiped the cache partition, which resulted in no changes. The other error is the words it remembers while you are texting. Before the update, the keyboard would learn words and would be smart about suggesting them. Now, it wont even suggest regular spelled words like “sucks”. I want to know if you can help me before I decide to do a HARD reset. Even if I had to do that, I’m guessing its not gonna make a diff. Thanks for your time and help.

Solution: If your pictures are saved in the microSD card, make sure the card is working perfectly well. I encountered a problem like this before that I can view thumbnails of the pictures but when I tried sharing one of them, the Gallery crashes. Thumbnails are stored in the phone’s memory so you can still view them, whereas, the main picture file may be stored in the microSD card and if it fails, the Gallery app will try to access them to no avail until the error message ‘Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped” shows up. So, again, make sure the SD card is working perfectly. If it does and the app still crashes, clearing both the cache and data of the Gallery app usually helps.

As to your second problem, it can be fixed by turning the predictive text on. Here’s how…

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Touch Settings, and then tap Language and input.
  3. Now, tap the Settings icon next to Samsung keyboard.
  4. Tap Predictive Text switch to Off.

I hope this helps.

#10. Pictures aren’t saved in the gallery

Problem: Hi, I have looked through some of your problem solutions but unfortunately cannot find this particular problem. For a while now I have been taking photographs with the standard Samsung camera that came with my Note 2 they appear briefly in the gallery then after a few minutes disappear from the gallery all together and I can’t seem to locate them anywhere else on the phone it only seems to happen when I take individual single frames, if I use a different app like Pano the picture is saved in the gallery and remains there. Thanks for your help i am glad you are out there somewhere. All the best, Steve.

Solution: Hi Steve, actually there are only two possibilities that could happen when you take a picture; either it will be saved in the phone’s internal memory or in the microSD card and in your case, it’s the latter. The Gallery app, which comes pre-installed with the phone, will only scan those pictures and when it finds them, it will create thumbnails that you can see when you launch the app.

If your phone was set to save pictures automatically into the microSD card, then you might want to check first the condition of the card because I have reasons to believe it isn’t working like it used to. That could be the reason why pictures disappear as soon as you take them. I tried installing the app you mentioned here and I found out it saves pictures in your phone’s internal memory, so it makes sense why pictures taken using the app shows in the gallery.

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