Fresh Korean report calls for mid-June Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime release

A new day, a new Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime rumor. Make that two. Or three. Um, you get the point. Everybody’s talking about the ultra-high-end smartphone, even though no one knows exactly how it will look and despite official assurances the “basic” GS5 won’t get upgraded anytime soon.


Yeah, right. Then I guess all the tipsters and leaksters that have spilled their guts of late are either crazy or complete frauds. Which is surely not the case with Naver, for instance, whose sources tell them the premium S5 shall see daylight “as early as the middle of next month”.

Mind you, they’re talking an actual commercial release in mid-June, at least on Samsung’s domestic shores, so apparently, the S5 Prime and LG’s G3 are indeed to go toe to toe before long. Interestingly, Naver hints at nearly simultaneous launches on all of Korea’s major wireless carriers – SK Telecom, KT and LG U+ – , which would clash a bit with allegations of limited early stocks.

Of course, it’s still entirely possible the Quad HD 5.2 incher won’t be able to keep up with Western demand. Even worse, it could remain a Korean or Asian exclusive for a while until finally landing in a handful of European and North American markets in short supply.

But hey, the Korean tri-launch gives us hope. And so do fresh pricing rumors. The S5 Prime will reportedly cost the equivalent of $880 (KRW 900,000), which sounds like a lot at first, but really isn’t.


It’s actually what Samsung planned to charge for the standard S5 in the very beginning, albeit a pre-release discount saw the price drop to $847 (KRW 866,800). Bottom line, if the speculation pans out, I’d expect the US GS5 Prime to go for $650 outright. $700, tops.

With a 2,560 x 1,440 pixels resolution display, quad-core Snapdragon 805 CPU, 3 GB RAM, pre-loaded Android 4.4.3 KitKat, 16 MP rear-facing camera, beefy 3,000 mAh or so battery, LTE-Advanced connectivity (where available), fingerprint recognition technology and a built-in heart rate monitor.

The outer shell, meanwhile, is the biggest question mark, as Samsung is yet to solve the “plastic or metal” conundrum. Truth be told, if the Galaxy S5 Prime would cost no more than $700, I think I’d be fine with another polycarbonate, perforated exterior. What about you?

Via [Naver]

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  1. concentrated so hard on trying to insult me =) still you are lazy self prolaimed blogger, have a nice day

  2. Oh, wow, you must have a lot of free time on your hands if you keep posting these elaborate comments. And we both know how hard it is for you to convey your thoughts in semi-proper English…

  3. the difference between us buddy is that i am specialised in one area and i am very good at it, i create the news in my small samsung field that you later rewrite

    i am not paid for words or article numbers so i do not have to generate tons of bullshit like some have to, also i am not motivated by ‘the controversy’ and ‘the add clicks’ my piece will generate and what is most important i have sourecs and brain to evaluate the informations im given.

    try something new, it’s called making researh prior publishing

  4. I could say the same thing about you… Except I wouldn’t you call you “good” at writing or rewriting anything.

  5. first of all fact that SM-G906x will launch within three korean carriers is known since quite some time
    secondary the launch will be limited to korea only

    that is due to limited quantities of smartphone wqhd pannels

    all of that is publik since weeks so you or they did not discoveres anything new

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