Fixing Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems After Android 4.3 Update [Part 13]


Android 4.3 is as far as the Samsung Galaxy S3 can go, at least, for the non-LTE or ‘Generic’ variant. Samsung said KitKat is just too heavy for its 2012 flagship to handle with its 1GB RAM. We could easily accept that if the last update was stable enough to assure users that even if they will be stuck with Jelly Bean, the phone could function well but apparently that’s not the case.

That said, here is one of the emails we received from our readers who were so disappointed with the recent update.

Disappointed customer

Hi Droid Guy, we all I’m sure appreciate all the time and what now is I believe your 10th set of multiple problems with hundreds of thousands of customers that were forced to update are original software. I was more than happy with my phone and original software. This problem is so widespread across so many platforms with our phones Samsung Galaxy S3 4.3 update! Doe’s Samsung even care? Why can’t they create a patch that will fix all these hundreds of multiple problems were all having all at once! They caused this mess! I will also be leaving Samsung. I have grown to hate my phone with all these time consuming partial fixes. When over the next year most disgusted customers like us switch to I Phones. Result will be Samsung will lose millions of customers and dollars. Maybe then they will say Gee, guess we should have addressed this issue right away. Once I switch I will never buy a Samsung product again and I currently own 4. Good bye soon Samsung. Wise Up. — M. E. Anderson

PS: Thanks for your continued help. You should contact Samsung and tell them how disgusted with this untested forced update and how they’re going to lose a lot of customers as a result. Thanks

We received a lot of emails like this and after thousands of emails we received, I for myself could say that Samsung had to step up and roll out an update that would address problems owners were complaining about.

Now, this is apparently the 13th edition of our Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems series and we will continue providing support to our readers. So, if you have issues with your phone right now, shoot us an email at [email protected], or you may post on our Facebook and Google+ pages.

Please browse this post to see if your concern has already been addressed. If not, try the first 12 parts of this series, links are provided just after the break.

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#1. Old download notifications keep coming back

Problem: With the latest Android s/w update, “notifications” (all old download notifications that I had previously cleared/deleted) keep coming back. I “clear” them and they go away for a while but then returns a few minutes later. Where are these notifications stored and how do I permanently get rid of them? Thanks for your help in advance. — Jae

Solution: Yeah, I heard of this problem so many times already, Jae. Don’t worry it’s minor and can be fixed by simple clearing of the cache and data. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go back to the Home screen.
  2. Tap the Menu key. (The key on the left side of the Home button.)
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Tap on the More tab.
  5. Find and tap Application Manager.
  6. Swipe the screen going to the left until contents of the All tab are displayed.
  7. Scroll to and tap Download Manager (if you can’t find it, look for Downloads instead).
  8. Tap the Clear Cache button.
  9. Tap the Clear Data button, and then OK.
  10. You may reboot your phone to refresh its memory.

#2. Stuck on Samsung logo during the update

Problem: Dear friend, today evening I got a normal pop up on my Samsung phone for software update I choose the option to update and then I had a message on the screen that your phone will Re-boot it did install the software last I saw was 42% after reboot it only shows Samsung written on the phone, I tried to remove the battery restart my phone but still it shows me the same. Can you please help me to on my phone. Waiting for your earliest reply. Regards, Diksha.

Solution: Odds are the update was interrupted or it’s just a matter of corrupt data. If it’s the latter, then we can do something about that provided the phone could boot to the recovery mode. Follow these steps, please…

  1. Press and hold the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons.
  2. When the phone vibrates, release the Power button but continue holding the other two until Android System Recovery screen appears.
  3. Use the Volume Down button to highlight ‘wipe cache partition’ and press the Power button to select it.
  4. Highlight ‘reboot system now’ and hit the Power key.

If you were able to wipe the cache partition, then the problem must be solved, otherwise, perform the factory reset via the recovery mode.

In case the update was interrupted for some reason and the phone couldn’t boot up whatever you do, the phone may have been soft-bricked. However, if you could boot it to Download Mode, you can flash the stock firmware using Odin flashing tool.

#3. Phone refuses to come back on

Problem: Hello, my Samsung [Galaxy S3] will not turn on. I hit the power button, it will do the following things but only if plugged in:

  • vibrate,
  • show the battery,
  • show the level of charge in the battery,
  • display the Samsung logo,
  • display the Samsung [Galaxy] S3 logo

…and then nothing. Please help!

Solution: I was curious about what happened to your phone or what the cause of the problem was. But it’s a good thing that you can reach up to the Galaxy S3 logo during boot up. There is a big chance you can boot to recovery mode and wipe the cache partition or perform factory reset. The compromise is that you would lose all data in your phone’s internal memory when you do master reset but there is a good chance the problem will be fixed.

#4. Exchange services stopped

Problem: Hi guys, since I updated software of my Samsung Galaxy S3 to 4.3, I’ve been getting a popup with “Unfortunately, exchange services has stopped”. It’s annoying! How can I get it to stop please. Thanks. — Charles

Solution: Exchange services handle data necessary to successfully sync with Exchange servers; it’s part of the Email application. Therefore, clearing the cache and data of the stock email app can solve this problem. This is how you do it…

  • Go back to the Home screen.
  • Tap the Menu key. (The key on the left side of the Home button.)
  1. Choose Settings.
  2. Tap on the More tab.
  3. Find and tap Application Manager.
  4. Swipe the screen going to the left until contents of the All tab are displayed.
  5. Scroll to and tap Email.
  6. Tap the Clear Cache button.
  7. Tap the Clear Data button, and then OK.

#5. Screen flickers, battery drains fast, high RAM usage

Problem: Hi Droid Guy, when I am using any application that requires the internet, my phone will occasionally begin to flicker. Then after about 4 seconds of flickering, the internet connection will drop out. The battery percentage prior to this is around the 70% mark. After this it drops from anywhere between 25% to 40%. Once this happen I open the “RAM Status” at it is reading somewhere around the 720+/831MB. Please help me!!!

Solution: It may seem that you have a very complicated problem but it’s not. Based on your statement, this is how I deducted it to come up with a solution: the high RAM usage was caused by a lot of apps running in the background or services you may not know running. Since there are so many apps running, the battery is depleted faster than usual and because of that the screen flickers every time you launch apps that require the use of internet.

The first thing you should do is close apps that are running but you don’t use, start by calling the Recent Apps window and end all apps you can find there. Then, call on the Task Manager and clear RAM. Somehow, RAM usage will lowered down. You may also want to disable your widgets for now or until the problem is fixed.

Now, boot to Safe Mode, fully-charge the phone and observe how long it would last. Also, try to see if the screen flickers when you open an app and uses the internet. A factory reset may solve this problem, too.

#6. Phone not receiving email messages

Problem: I have two Comcast email accounts set up on my S3. My PC shows about 23 new emails for today; my phone shows about 4. I’ve searched for an answer with no success. Maybe seems like this started happening after the 4.4.2 update done a day or two ago. Any help you can provide? Thanks.

Solution: I agree, the recent update could have messed something with the email app you’re using. Clearing the cache and data of the app and setting up your account again may solve this problem.

  1. Go back to the Home screen.
  2. Tap the Menu key. (The key on the left side of the Home button.)
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Tap on the More tab.
  5. Find and tap Application Manager.
  6. Swipe the screen going to the left until contents of the All tab are displayed.
  7. Scroll to and tap Email.
  8. Tap the Clear Cache button.
  9. Tap the Clear Data button, and then OK.

#7. Long charging time, faster battery drain

Problem: Hi, hope you can help. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 GT19300 version 4.3 I seem to have a problem with the battery when fully charged which by the way takes for ages the drain on it goes very quickly. I have tried loads of different things but I noticed that when I go into settings battery there is a list of things that use the battery the main one says SCREEN and this is at 62% which I think is way to high. Can’t seem to adjust it can you help? Thanks. — Clive

Solution: We only have two vague’ possibilities here: either it’s the third-party apps that’s causing all this or the pre-installed ones and core services. I already came across this issue before and I know that a factory reset could solve it but the compromise is that you will have to go through all the hassles backing up your data. So, leaving that as the last resort, try booting the phone to Safe Mode first and see if the screen still takes the first spot of being the battery hog. If it is, then it’s not third-party apps that’s the cause of all this, but the core services.

I know a couple of cases like this that was solved by wiping the cache partition. Apparently, some caches were still using data that handles services for the screen and the phone’s GPU; clearing them solved the problem. That said, boot to recovery mode and wipe cache partition from there. Now, if this step fails, backup your data and perform factory reset. I hope this helps.

#8. Adding contacts to a group

Problem: I can add new contacts, but it will not allow me to add the contact to a group. I have cleared cache as you suggest in a previous article. Please advise.

Solution: Oh, I’m sorry my previous suggestion didn’t work but please try these. Go into the contact that doesn’t appear, tap the Menu key and choose Edit. Now, scroll all the way down and you should be able to see group setting. That’s where you can add the contact to a group but it must be classified as ‘family’ or ‘friend’ to be added. Another thing, the contact must be saved in either Google or Samsung account and doesn’t match any name that’s already saved in your contacts list. Do let us know if this helps.

#9. Reset password without factory reset

Problem: Hi dear, my name is Joseph, I have S3 I changed my password and I couldn’t remember my pass word. There many guys can reset the password and data will be deleted, but I do need to reset the pass word without losing the data. It’s very very important for me to keep the data, is there any way to solve this problem? Thank you. — Joseph

Solution: Hi Joseph, I understand how important your data are and it is possible to bypass the password or any security type on the S3 without performing the factory reset; I know a couple of developers who can do this kind of job but I am not going hook up with them for this. Yes, we do offer free advices to our readers for as long the safety and security of their devices will not be compromised. That said, we can’t verify if it’s really your phone or not, and we have no right to verify whose phone is that. The ‘other’ guys may be able to help you with this, but not us.

#10. Keyboard doesn’t function after update

Problem: I have updated my Galaxy S3 to Jelly Bean 4.3, today but unfortunately my Keyboard is not functioning. What should I do? — Richard

Solution: It could just be a ‘messed’ up setting. The immediate remedy for this kind of problem is clearing both the cache and data of the Keyboard app or service. But please note that you may lose some of your data like custom words.

  1. Go back to the Home screen.
  2. Tap the Menu key. (The key on the left side of the Home button.)
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Tap on the More tab.
  5. Find and tap Application Manager.
  6. Swipe the screen going to the left until contents of the All tab are displayed.
  7. Scroll to and tap Samsung Keyboard.
  8. Tap the Clear Cache button.
  9. Tap the Clear Data button, and then OK.

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  1. I completely agree with M.E. Anderson’s letter. I switched from the iPhone to Android platform because it was completely “open source”. I have since loved the OS and never thought twice about returning to the iPhone until we were forced to receive this neglected and problematic update. I own the i535 version (Verizon S3) and with the update was forced into a locked boot loader. I can no longer rom my phone. Thankfully the XDA community have found ways around the locked boot loader, unfortunately it’s just not enough. I’m currently running 4.3 root debloted from Verizon’s adware and running a modified version of Touchwiz. This it’s about the only was to customize the 4.3 firmware. I think I will be switching to another platform in the near future if they do not release a fix for 4.3 issues or at least update to kit Kat.

    Side note: after debloting all of Verizon’s useless apps the phone has significantly improved in battery life and is much more efficient in the way it uses the ram. I suggest anyone who can not stand the stock 4.3 check out XDA for small mods that may help you find ways around the issues.

  2. After upgrading Samsung S3 firmware some of the notes on S-Memo disappeared – only the notes that were password locked were effected. Help please.

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