How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 Common Problems and Errors [Part 15]

Fifteen Samsung Galaxy S4 problems were addressed in this edition so please take a little time browsing this post if you have problems with your phone right now. While I consider every problem unique, there are always times when multiple issues can be solved by the same procedures. However, if you cannot find your problem addressed anywhere in this post, then enjoy reading the first 14 parts of our Galaxy S4 Problems and Solutions series, their links are provided below:

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#1. Google Voice icon disappeared from keyboard

Problem: I have had my phone for about a year… mostly trouble free. On the keyboard that pops up when you want to type an email etc. to the left of the space bar was a key with a Microphone icon. Pressing it sent you to the Google Voice app allowing you to dictate text to email, notes, text message, etc. Now the key and icon is gone… no way to input voice from the keyboard to dictate. What happened? I have tried all sorts of combination configurations of the Samsung and the Google keyboards, but no luck. I miss not being able to dictate on my phone… a major feature for me. Thanks for reply and any ideas that would help. — Hank

Solution: Well, I also like that feature but I never encountered having the mic icon disappear from the keyboard. I don’t know what happened why it disappeared but this is how you bring it back:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Tap on My device tab.
  4. Scroll down a bit to Language and input and tap on it.
  5. Look for Google voice typing. There’s a checkbox beside it, make that is checked.
  6. The Microphone icon (Google Voice) should now be displayed on the keyboard.

#2. Chrome paint chipping off

Problem: I bought it on July last year and its chrome started peeling out. When I called customers relationship management team they refused me saying chrome doesn’t come in warranty even if my handset was just 3 months old. Please, kindly help me out. I had invested my hard earned money. — Abhineet

Solution: I understand how frustrating it is to see your phone’s painting chipping off and I hope Samsung would consider providing a remedy for this issue since it is apparently a manufacturing problem. I don’t know what you expect us to do but if Samsung reps can’t do something about it because it’s not covered by the company’s warranty policy, we can’t, too. I am sure you understand why it’s not covered by warranty so I don’t have to explain to you that. One thing you can do, however, is to use cases to hide chipped off portion.

#3. Mobile data turning off randomly, streamed music stops

Problem: I have an S4 that has 2 problems. The main one is that mobile data keeps turning off after a minute or 2. The minor one is that when listening to streamed music it will stop at the end of a song and I will have to hit play again. The site actually pops up saying the error is not in their system. — Marc

Solution: By ‘main problem’ you mean the issue that happens more often than the other. I have a feeling that the minor problem is just one of the results of the main issue. So, you need to focus on fixing the main problem first. You didn’t provide more information about your phone’s current state so the first thing I would think is that there is a third-party app that disconnects mobile data. To confirm that, boot the phone to safe mode to temporarily disable all third-parties. If you can connect to mobile network while the phone is in that state, then we are right about an app causing the problem. Finding and uninstalling that app should fix the issue. Otherwise, it is necessary to perform factory reset to rule out the possibility of a firmware issue.

#4. Screen goes blanks without apparent reason

Problem: Hey, my phone was perfectly normal, I did not drop it, and I was listening to music, and about to send a text message when the screen suddenly turned off. The phone is on, but the screen is black. This has never happened before.

Solution: First off, open the back side of the phone and remove the battery while the phone is on. Leave the phone without battery for a minute and at the same time press and hold the power button. This will discharge stored electricity from capacitors. Replace the battery after a minute and turn the phone on. If the screen remains black, bring the phone to a technician and have it checked thoroughly.

#5. Mobile data internet plan issue

Problem: Good day! I hope all is well with you. The issue I’m having is I cannot open links via the Facebook App. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 running on 4.4.2 Kitkat. By the way, I’m located in Manila, Philippines. Every time I try to open a link on my news feed (E.g. Buzzfeed, YouTube, etc.), I get a message saying “You are leaving Facebook, Regular data charges will apply unless you are subscribed to a mobile internet plan, promo or freebie”. See attached for reference. I’m currently subscribed to unlimited data (4G LTE) and should not be receiving this message. There used to be an option to just tap on “Continue promo” and now it’s gone. I really hope there’s a way around this. Thank you in advance. Regards, Mark.

Solution: There’s no problem with that message, Mark. The word ‘unless’ makes it more of a warning message than anything else. Your carrier should be offering free Facebook access so every time you attempt to leave the app and open a link via browser or other apps, you will be warned just to inform you that you may be charged with standard rate UNLESS you are subscribed to an unlimited plan. If you, however, doubt that, then call your carrier or service provider.

#6. Phone possibly bricked

Problem: Hello sir, I was updating android version by Samsung Kies, my phone showed android mark and asked not to turn off the target. By mistake I disconnected the USB cable and the phone hanged. I turned it off and tried to turn it on but it doesn’t respond. Is there any way to solve this problem? Hope for your support. Thanks, Hassan.

Solution: This is what happens when the update is interrupted; either the download wasn’t finished or the installation didn’t complete. If there is a file missing, Android cannot boot up normally. Try to press and hold Volume Down, Home and Power buttons to see if the phone can boot to Download Mode. If it can, then there is still a chance you can bring the phone back to life by manually flashing the firmware using ODIN. If the phone totally won’t respond, find a tech who a can fix this type of problem in your locality.

#7. Fast battery drain

Problem: Hi! my name is Courtney and I’m having trouble with my galaxy s4. When I’m going to bed at night I will have 80% or so, then when I wake up in the morning my phone would be shut off and the battery completely dead! I don’t understand how this is happening. If you can I would appreciate a response back.

Solution: The first thing you must do is to determine what caused the battery drain and there are a lot of things to consider such third-party and pre-installed apps, hardware issue, battery issue and defective charger.

The first logical course of action you should take is to boot the phone to safe mode to rule out the possibility that it is third-party apps that are causing this problem. Yes, it is very possible especially if you have games and other huge apps installed in your phone. Booting to safe mode will temporarily disable those apps leaving pre-installed apps running as well as core services. If the battery still drains faster than normal, it is necessary to perform factory reset.

Now, if it’s not the apps that cause this problem, there is a possibility that the battery has deteriorated already and can’t hold a charge longer anymore. You may want to invest with a new battery kit just to rule out this possibility as well. Moreover, if the phone doesn’t properly charge, your charger may be at fault here. Otherwise, this is a hardware issue and the phone should be brought in immediately for check up.

Problem: Hi, I need assistance please. My Samsung S4, about 8 months old now, keeps randomly shutting down. I can have 93% charge and the phone shuts itself off, then tries to start up again only to either stick on the “Samsung” logo or simply to switch off again.

When I do manage to eventually get it to switch on, sometimes I have to put it back on the charger to get it back on, it shows that it has plenty of charge. Please help. Regards, Debbie.

Solution: Being stuck on the logo while booting means some files or data may be corrupt that the Android system can’t continue booting normally. And due to inconsistencies within the system, the battery is affected because the phone will try and re-try to access those data. I recommend you backup your data and perform factory reset. That’s the only sensible procedure I could think of as far as this kind of problem is concerned. If that doesn’t work, however, the battery may be at fault here.

#9. Facebook app issue on Galaxy S4

Problem: I suddenly noticed problems with FB after changing my passwords on FB and Google from fear of the Heartbleed attack last week. Now FB is the horrible Beta version of FB that appears to have been pushed to my phone when I changed passwords, either in FB or Google. I would like to reset and get my original FB app back. I am curious if the problem is strictly a FB one, or if its because Samsung pushed thru a new update recently? Thanks!

Solution: I don’t know for sure if Facebook was greatly affected with the heartbleed loophole but even those who said they weren’t affected made it a point to assure their users by releasing updates for their apps. I heard a lot of users complaining about the same problem as yours so I think it’s a Facebook problem instead of Android. Try going to the Play Store and try to find under My Apps if there’s an available update for Facebook. Better yet, clear the app’s cache and data, and then uninstall and reinstall it. That should take care of the problem.

#10. Screen will not turn on

Problem: Hi my Samsung S4 display won’t come on, this started after the phone got wet. It is coming on but the display remains off. Kindly advise what can do to have it fixed. Thanks, Marianos.

Solution: The problem apparently resulted from liquid damage. Okay, the phone comes on but the screen remains blank, so it means either the display was totally messed up or it’s just as minor as loose connection. Have a technician check your phone and probably perform general cleaning on the phone. The thing about liquid damage is that there is a big possibility some components may have been busted when they were soaked in water.

#11. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth stuck

Problem: Hi, I see your posts on Drippler and decided to ask this question. Recently my s4 has this problem that the WiFi and Bluetooth button is stuck on ‘ turning on’. I have tried restarting the phone, checked online but nothing has changed. Even tried removing apps that I must have installed when it started. Please tell me what to do.

Solution: You failed to mention when this problem started or if there was any significant activities on the phone before it happened. The best thing for you to do is narrow down the problem first; boot to safe mode and try to see if both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth buttons are still stuck. If they’re not, then there must be a third-party app causing the problem, and if they’re still stuck, wipe cache partition first and if that doesn’t work, factory reset may be able to fix it.

#12. Thumb goes numb when using the phone

Problem: I have had my Samsung Galaxy S4 now for about 4 months. Since I have owned this product I have noticed at times my hands will tingle and go numb. Sometimes it will even happen to my whole arm. I have not had this problem before. Not happy with this product.

Solution: Never heard of this problem before and I’m not sure if it’s really the phone that’s causing that tingling sensation on your hands. The best thing to do is to visit a doctor/physician. Honestly, I never heard of this issue before and if you’re not happy with it, why continue using that phone? I’m not trying to be sarcastic but when it comes to the effect of the phone to your body, there’s nothing we can do about it.

#13. Galaxy S4 hangs and touch screen doesn’t respond

Problem: After updating my galaxy s4 to KitKat 4.4.2, my Galaxy S4 becomes hang sometimes and touch cannot be operated. Home button and start or shut down button work. I have to restart my set when touch option doesn’t work. Then it becomes ok. How can it be solved? Thanks.

Solution: I am almost certain there are other problems you haven’t discovered yet after the update. The ones you mentioned, however, are among the typical post-update hang ups, which can be fixed by simply doing the master reset, although you’ll have to go through the process of backing up your data.

#14. Downloaded apps lost after the update

Problem: Hi, After a recent software update, I lost all my downloaded apps (or at least I can’t access them if they are still on the phone). This also happened on my s2 about a year ago. I can now only see the original apps that came with the phone. The phone is Samsung S4 with Android Version 4.4.2. Thanks in advance. — Davy

Solution: I would assume at this point you didn’t perform factory reset before or after you updated your phone to the latest firmware version because if you did, there’s nothing you can do but download them again. But basically, the solution to this problem is reboot to allow the phone to optimize previously installed apps. It may take a few reboots to bring those apps back.

#15. Google Apps process stopped

Problem: Hi. Please help me. I have a Galaxy S4 i9505 which has a problem. Most of the time a note came up for me that “Unfortunately the process has stopped.” Then my phone get stuck for few seconds, and that is so annoying and make me upset. Please help me how can I fix it. Thanks.

Solution: I’m not sure how frequent is your “most of the time” but if the error message keeps popping up, that would be easier to fix because you know which among Google apps crashes. So, the first thing to do is closely observe the phone; take not of the app you’re using when the message pops up. Once you already know, clear the cache and data of the app, then do the same for the Google Play Store. If that doesn’t solve the problem, follow these steps:

  1. Pull the Notification Bar down.
  2. Tap on the Settings icon (cogwheel) on the upper right corner.
  3. Touch the More tab.
  4. Tap on the Application Manager.
  5. Swipe left twice to display contents of the All tab.
  6. Tap the Menu key.
  7. Touch Reset app preferences.
  8. Tap Reset apps.

I hope this helps.

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