How To Fix Galaxy Note 3 Problems and Errors [Part 13]

I have addressed fourteen problems / issues in this segment of our Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems and Solutions series. Users who have problems with their phones are free to contact us any time but please browse this page and first 12 parts of this series before you do so just to see if I’ve already addressed your concerns.

I also want to add that procedures cited in this post are mere recommendations; you are not forced to follow them. While we want to provide support to our readers, we always stay on the safe side of things so as not to compromise the safety of the phone. Do not expect of highly technical procedures because we don’t provide those because majority of the users are not technical enough and may end up bricking their phone along the process.

For hardware issues, the most common and logical suggestion is to bring the phone to an authorized technician. What we actually do here is provide advices to our readers on what to do in case they can encounter issues with their phones.

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#1. Battery drain and Wi-Fi problems

Problems: Hi my name is Sam. I have my Galaxy Note 3 for almost a month now and I’ve already updated to KitKat version. Got two questions:

  1. The battery life is bad. I got a Note 2 before and it was way better and I feel like I downgraded.
  2. The Wi-Fi keeps automatically turn on even when I turn it off!

Thanks for your help.

Solution: Hello Sam. I think the main problem here is that the phone automatically turns on Wi-Fi and the fast battery drain issue is just one of the results. Therefore, try to solve problem number two first. There must be an app that causes the Wi-Fi to automatically toggle on, I personally encountered this problem before after installing an app from the Play Store. So, if you recently installed an app, try disabling it and observe if the phone still turns on Wi-Fi automatically.

Another way to know which app is causing the problem is by visiting Recent Apps immediately after the phone auto-connects to Wi-Fi network. You should be able to find the app that’s causing this, that is if it’s an app. However, if you don’t know which app turns the Wi-Fi on, boot the phone to safe mode and observe it closely. There are only two things that could happen when the phone is in that state; either it will still auto-connect to Wi-Fi or not. If the problem persists, then it must be the pre-installed apps or core services that’s causing it. Factory reset is required if this is the case. I believe that once you solve this Wi-Fi issue, you will also be able to resolve the battery-related problem.

Another thing, if the phone comes from a carrier or service provider, try to check for their apps that come pre-installed with the device especially those that are related to connectivity. For example, Sprint’s Connection Optimizer.

#2. Verizon Note 3 KitKat update

Question: I have a Galaxy Note 3 from Verizon for five months now and the carrier still hasn’t sent out the Ki Kat version update phone. I am beginning to see a lot of glitches with the phone. The one that is most annoying is that my phone keep cutting off and restart by itself at certain location, can someone tell me what is causing this problems. Thank you.

Answer: Last time I checked Verizon is supposed to roll out updates for its Galaxy line of phones including Note 3 later this month so please try to wait it out. If the firmware is ready, it should be rolled out as soon as possible.

About your problem, it’s really hard for me to tell what’s causing it considering you haven’t provided sufficient information. But if it just started to randomly reboot, try to disable apps you recently installed. The first thing that would always pop in my mind when talking about this kind of problem is third-party apps but I could be wrong.

#3. Note 3 shows it’s charging but doesn’t

Problem: Hello, I just bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and I’ve had it for about 5 weeks now, and the battery will not charge. It shows that the battery is charging, but it never does, is there anything I can do?

Solution: That’s a little confusing right there. But I would assume that when you plug the phone to charge, you can see the usual charging icon but the battery refuses to hold a charge and either it shows the same battery percentage or drains the battery really fast. Here’s what you should do:

If the battery icon shows the phone is charging but the percentage doesn’t go up, then there is a possibility that the power coming from the power adapter isn’t enough to bump the battery’s charge and it could be defective. Try connecting the phone to a computer to charge or use a different charger.

However, if the battery drains faster than usual, try booting the phone to safe mode and observe the phone closely to know if the battery consumption is set to minimum when there are not third-party apps running. If so, then there is / are apps that drains your battery faster. More often, these apps use mobile data or require internet connection. Try to find which app causes battery drain problem and uninstall it.

#4. Note 3 doesn’t auto-connect to mobile network

Problem: I’m having a problem with my Galaxy Note 3, when I leave home it doesn’t automatically switch from my WiFi at home to 4G LTE on T-Mobile and I have to restart the device to receive service.

Solution: It’s not actually not a problem at all, there’s just on setting you need to enable to automatically switch between networks: go to Settings > Wi-Fi > tap Menu key > tap Advanced > tick the Auto network switch checkbox. That should do it.

#5. Wi-Fi auto turns on, Home button takes time to respond

Problems: Hi guys thank you for all your insight. I have two minor issue they just get annoying, first off my wifi keeps turning on even after I shut it off manually, I have wifi assistant app but there’s no wifi connection near by for it to turn on. And I’m trying to make the battery last as long as possible.

And secondly when my galaxy is asleep and I press the home key it takes about two seconds. Thus is my second note 3 and my other one didn’t do that it went on right away. Is there a setting for this, if not do you have a solution. Once again thank you. — Manny

Solution: I believe your Wi-Fi assistant app is causing the problem, so please disable that first. It is not necessary to have available Wi-Fi networks nearby for the app the toggle the switch on. The worse thing is, the phone will keep scanning and scanning for Wi-Fi networks and that drains the battery faster. If the phone still turns on WiFi after you disabled the WiFi assistant app, then there is another app that’s causing this problem. Find that app and disable it as well.

As to your second problem, please try to double tap the Home button. If the S Voice service comes up, the lag is caused by the S Voice app; it actually waits for you to tap the button for the second time that’s why it would take 2 seconds to respond. Now, while the S Voice is up, press the Menu button, select Settings, and then uncheck the option labeled “Open via the Home key.” That should solve the problem.

#6. Unable to detect SIM card, phone is laggy

Problem: Hi all, I am seeking your advices and solutions for attached screen shots problem.

Lastly my Note 3 home button and power button are not waking up phone screen. The screen was very laggy and sometimes it take minutes or never light up the screen at all. I am looking forward to your solutions soon. Regards, William.

Solution: The screenshot provided says of an error message, “Unable to detect your SIM card. Your device will restart to check for your SIM card.” I don’t know the history of this phone but it seems like the performance problem is taking a toll on the phone’s capability to detect the SIM card. But I’m not ruling out the possibility that the SIM card is defective. The best course of action is to boot the phone to Safe Mode just to know if it would perform well and detect the SIM card without any third-party apps running. If so, then there must be an app that’s causing all these. If you don’t know which one, then perform factory reset after you backed up you data.

#7. Blacklisted numbers can still send messages

Problem: Since I’ve installed the KitKat update on my Note 3 my 3rd party blacklist app hasn’t function properly. Calls from people in the blacklist don’t go through when my blacklist is on but text messages are not blocked. The text messages show up in my messaging app then disappear to the blacklist app when I open the messaging app up. Is there a blacklist app that can correct this? Need your help sir. Thanks.

Solution: First, disable all the blacklist and then boot the phone to recovery mode. In there, wipe the cache partition, and then boot normally. Now, enable the blacklist again. That should fix the problem.

#8. Note 3 won’t respond to Home key press

Problem: Please be so kind to advice me about the problem of my device. Yesterday it has been automatically updated system. Today, when I unlock the phone. I mean with dark screen I push the power button, but nothing happens. I mean the screen is not reacting to the power button, when it is off. I need to take out battery and put it back for restarting – and then everything’s work, but if I push power button to turn off the screen – the problem happens again. Please be so kind to advice.

Solution: Does this problem happen every time you press the Power button? If so, then there is a possibility that there’s a little problem with the power switch itself. So, have it checked thoroughly by a technician. However, I would also suggest you do factory reset just before you bring it in for check up just to rule out the possibility of a firmware issue.

#9. Emails don’t go through the phone

Problem: Hi DROID guys! Hoping you can help because no one else can. I have Microsoft Outlook account set up to receive on the phone. It receives and sends just fine. The problem is it doesn’t retain the email if my laptop is open that receives the same email. I had no problems with my previous 2 phones. Email would route to both. Currently it will show up for a bit then disappear, if it shows up at all. Any ideas? Gmail seems to work fine. — LaurieM

Solution: The problem is not in your phone, ma’am. It’s with the setup on your laptop. Open Microsoft Outlook on your laptop, and then go to your account settings and continue to reach Internel E-Mail Settings. Under the Advanced tab, there is an option that says, “Leave a copy of messages on the server,” make that it is CHECKED.

This problem occurs because when you open your email through your laptop, all new messages will be downloaded to your computer while deleting them from the server. So, by the time you open your email through your Note 3, there’s nothing to download anymore. I hope this helps.

#10. Android system eats up battery

Problem: In my Note 3, battery is draining because Android system is taking more battery than screen. It was happening after I update my phone to 4.4.2. Just tell me the cause and solution. Thank you. — Rana

Solution: It could only mean one thing; there are some inconsistencies in the Android system. There could have been some data that became corrupt after the update considering it was a migration from Jelly Bean to KitKat. I would suggest you do factory reset but try booting to recovery mode and wipe cache partition first. It usually solves these kinds of problems but if it fails, the factory reset is your last resort to bring the phone back to its working state.

#11. Phone automatically goes silent

Problem: Hi, A very good day to you, regarding to the last update for Galaxy note3 4G, I face a problem as below;

The volume automatically come to vibration or salient , and I can’t hear the incoming call tone. I tried many times to reset the setting but no use. Please try to fix it or how to go back for the previous version or to fix the current version without formatting or losing the data. Looking forward to hear the solution very soon. Your kind prompt reply highly appreciated. Best Regards, Mohamed.

Solution: If you’re using a third-party case or skin, please try to remove it first just to rule out the possibility that it presses the Volume Down button without your knowledge. Another thing, have installed any sort of prayer apps? These apps actually have the capability to bring the volume down to the point that the phone is in silent or vibration mode already. If you have, try disabling or uninstalling that one. I understand it may be very useful but I’m sure you know what time you pray, so take a couple of seconds to place your phone in silent mode.
However, if these two procedures won’t work, then I assume there’s a problem with your phone’s Volume Down button. Have it checked by an authorized technician. But before you actually bring the phone in for checkup, backup your data and perform factory reset. After all the first thing the technician would do is that.

#12. Note 3 screen automatically turns on

Problem: Hi DROID guy, this is Arun from India. I am using note around a year since 2013 June. Just 3 days before I have update kitkat 4.4.2 for phone. After the update I have observed my mobile display is automatically wake up every 1 min even my phone is locked. Could you help me to solve this issue.

Solution: A service or an app is causing this problem, this is what they call wakelock. So, my recommendation is you download Wakelock Detector from the Play Store, don’t worry it’s free, and find the app or service that’s causing it. You may also want to boot the phone to Safe Mode and observe if the problem still happens because if that’s the case, then either one of the pre-installed apps or core services is causing the problem. You need to backup your data and do factory reset if this is the case of your phone.

#13. Call recording problems on Note 3

Problem: Hi there, I used to own Note 2 and l was able to record my incoming and outgoing calls using one of the free call recorder apps called ACR. When I got Note 3 three weeks ago, l downloaded the same app but for some reason when l play the recording back l get high pitched nose instead. I tried all the other call recording apps and all do the same! Has anyone reported the this problem before? Is there any solution to this? Is it because it’s a free app? Is there something wrong with my phone and I need to send it back? Your help will be greatly appreciated. — Nash

Solution: If this is the only problem you encountered with your phone, then there’s no problem with the device. I mean, if you can make and receive calls without hearing high-pitched voice from the other end, then the problem is with those recording apps you use. You may want to contact their respective developer as they sure have more answers than I do when it comes to this issue.

#14. Google Play Services stopped

Problem: Hello my name is Shai, I have an issue with the not when installing and removing apps from the device. It gives me a message saying Google services has stopped or Google play services process has stopped. I have tried methods I found online to no avail what could be the issue?

Solution: More often, the cause of this problem is just corrupt caches and data, so clearing them would force the phone to cache newer and fresher ones. Try the following:

  • Go to Settings > Application Manager > All > Google Play Services > Clear Cache, Clear Data
  • Go to Settings > Application Manager > All > Google Play Store > Uninstall Updates
  • Go to Settings > Application Manager > press Menu key > Reset app preferences

Your last resort is factory reset, in case, procedures previously mentioned won’t work.

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  1. Had an unlocked Note 3 for 4 years. No problems. Now, just because it feels like it, I cannot reply to or forward any E-Mails.

    Any ideas?

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