How To Fix Common Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems [Part 16]

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was once the flagship model of the company until the newer Galaxy S5 arrived. While the S4 is a solid device that’s generally bug free there are instances when consumers experience problems with the device. This is going to be the 16th part of the series that deals with this specific model as we are still receiving lots of emails from our readers regarding their issues on this device.

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Galaxy S4 Picture Printing Issue

Problem: I am having trouble printing pictures from my Galaxy S4. I saw your post….but when I click on a picture in my gallery and then click the menu button – I am unable to select a Printer…that is not one of my options. How do I add a printer? Is there another way to take my pictures  from my phone and print them. Please let me know. I thank you in advance for your help!

Solution: The Samsung Galaxy S4 has this feature that allows users to print documents, web pages, and photos directly to a printer. In order for this to work, the printer must first be recognized by the S4 and in your case selecting a printer isn’t one of the options.

One possible cause of this is that your printer might not be connected to the same network as your device. An example for this scenario is that your printer might be connected to your home Wi-Fi network but your mobile device is connected to another Wi-Fi network.

Once you have made sure that both printer and the mobile device belong to the same network make sure to properly setup Wi-Fi Direct.

  • From the home screen, select Apps (located in lower-right).
  • From the Apps tab, then select Settings.
  • At settings section, choose connection feature and then tap Wi-Fi
  • Ensure Wi-Fi feature is turned on, and then tap Wi-Fi Direct (located in the lower-right).

We hope that this solution will resolve your issue.

Galaxy S4 TouchWiz UI Problem

Problem: I recently purchased a Galaxy S4. I was constantly getting a pop up for TouchWiz. I accidently swiped this yesterday and now I can’t get rid of it! I hate TouchWiz and want to find a way to go back to standard droid ui. I tried deleting it as the default app but it will not go away. Is there a way to get this off my phone and return to the basic settings? What happens if I try to do a factory reset? Will this remove it? I am so irritated over this I’m ready to throw the phone out!

Solution: TouchWiz is the default user interface for the Galaxy S4 and unless you choose a different launcher then the device will use this UI. Since you mentioned that you just recently purchased your Galaxy S4 then I am assuming that it is using stock ROM and the device recently downloaded an update.

Several owners of this model have been experiencing the same problem that you have right now just after they updated to KitKat. One solution that seems to solve this problem is to do a factory reset of your device. Make sure to backup all of your important data before performing such action.

  • From your home screen press the apps icon in the lower right corner.
  • Find and press the settings icon.
  • In the upper end of the screen press the accounts tab.
  • in the bottom of the next screen press the Backup and reset button.
  • Press the factory data reset.
  • Read the info on your cell phone screen and hit Reset device.

Galaxy S4 Cannot Automatically Connect To Wi-Fi

Problem: I cannot seem to get my phone to automatically connect to my home wifi, – I’ve checked the auto join box but I’ve still got to do it manually, it used to connect automatically but, for some reason it has stopped – any ideas why?

Solution: This could either be an issue with the mobile device itself or the home Wi-Fi device. Try to connect your mobile device to another Wi-Fi network, walk out of range of that network until it is not connected, and then try walking back again. If your mobile device connects then it could be a problem with your home Wi-Fi network.

If however your Galaxy S4 still does not connect automatically to other Wi-Fi networks then this is an issue with the device itself. Have you installed any apps lately when the problem started? Some apps may cause this issue.

The best solution to check if it is a software issue that is affecting the automatic Wi-Fi connection problem of your S4 is to perform a factory reset on it. Once the factory reset has been performed you can check and see if your device will connect automatically.

Galaxy S4 Cannot Connect To Home Wi-Fi Network

Problem: I recently bought this phone but I cannot get it to connect to my WIFI.  I have a Belkin router ADSL Modem with wireless G router.  The problem seems that it tries to connect then shows scanning but never actually connects. My laptop and a surface tablet have no problems connecting. There are loads of things on the internet and I have tried most but still no joy. Please can you help.

Solution: The Samsung Galaxy S4 should normally connect to a wireless router without any problem. In cases where it can’t the problem may exist between either the S4 or the router. Since you mentioned that your laptop and Surface tablet can connect to the network then there’s a big possibility that the issue is within the mobile device.

Here are further steps that you could do to solve this issue

  • Reboot the router
  • Take out the security authentication of your router
  • Forget the home network on your S4 then scan for it again and connect to it.
  • If it connects then there could previously be an authentication issue
  • Try choosing “WPA2-PSK” as your routers security measure

If this fails then you might want to perform a factory reset on your device but make sure to backup all your data first.

Galaxy S4 Wi-Fi Won’t Turn On

Problem: What if if your S4 cant connect to internet at all because every time I try to press switch wifi wont turn on then send me a security notification and the switch for wifi would go back to off in a instant and I have been at it for days please give guidance on my issue

Solution: This seems to be a problem for some S4 models that have upgraded to Android 4.3 which is apparently caused by Samsung’s KNOX. Is this the exact security notification you have received “An application attempting to access system on my device without authorization?” If so then the only effective solution to this according to those who have experienced the same issue is to perform the dreaded factory reset.

Galaxy S4 Wi-Fi Internet Connection Unstable

Problem: Phone worked great at home on wifi, suddenly a few months ago it began to say internet connection unstable. Tried changing modems andto no avail. It even does it at other peopkes houses and my s4 is the only one woth that problem. Thank you before hand and your help with this matter will be truly appreciated…

Solution: The “Your Internet Connection is Unstable” error message is usually displayed on Galaxy S4 devices that have upgraded to Android 4.3. Several owners of this device have reported this issue which is caused by the system cache partition which did not properly clear when the device booted to the new OS.

Here’s one solution that has resolved this issue on most devices that are affected

  • Power off the device ( Just to be sure remove and re-insert the battery)
  • Press and hold the Volume Up key and Home key, and while still holding them, press and hold the Power key
  • Once you feel the device vibrate release only the Power key
  • When the Android System Recovery Menu is displayed on your screen, (first a little green Android with his front cover open, then the actual Android System Recovery Menu itself), release the Volume Up and the Home key.
  • Navigate with the Volume keys to the “wipe cache partition” option and when highlighted press the Power key to select it.
  • Once the “cache is cleared message” appears navigate to “reboot system now” then press the Power key to reboot the device.

Hopefully this will resolve your Internet connection unstable issue.

Galaxy S4 Application Uninstall Problem

Problem: I am having a problem about uninstalling a app in my GS4. Whenever i uninstall a app in my phone its app size get included in misc files and i can’t use that free space. So how to fix this?? Hope you will get me the solution….

Solution: I’m assuming that you got your Samsung Galaxy 4 under a specific carrier? If so then it is typical for carriers such as Verizon or AT&T to include pre-installed apps on the Galaxy S4. The miscellaneous files in your device include these pre-installed apps as well as Android specific files that the smartphone needs to function properly. Unfortunately for pre-installed apps they are not easy to remove unless you root your device.

If the issue is with storage space then you might want to consider getting a large capacity microSD.

Galaxy S4 Text Messaging Issue

Problem: How do I stop the text message from showing up on my locked screen? I have it now so it just says new message and I hate it…

Solution: I understand that most people get annoyed by this feature. When the message preview is turned on (Messages->Settings->Preview message) the sender and text message information appears. When it is turned off only “Messaging” and “New Message” appears. Turning off message notifications (Messages->Settings->Notifications) solves this issue but then you won’t be getting any notifications at all.

The main problem right now is how to disable the lock screen widget of the Galaxy S4. Right now Samsung does not give customers an option to turn this widget off. There is however a way to solve this issue as long as your device is not yet running on KitKat. Try to get the Lockscreen Policy app from the Google Play Store which can effectively disable widgets on the home screen.

Galaxy S4 Email Preview Issue

Problem: Hi…in email ..when I try to get the preview by hovering over message..I just see a small little blank box pop up..any solutions..Ive tried factory reset..clearing seems to work when going through the tutorial…but not in email..

Solution: Several owners of this device are also complaining about the Air View feature not working on their email. Since you have mentioned that you already performed a factory reset and cleared the cache of the device and it still doesn’t work then there might be something wrong with the settings. Try enabling all Air View settings. Also check if there are any conflicts with the accessibility settings, such as magnification gestures.

Galaxy S4 Won’t Charge

Problem: I’m on Sprint and my galaxy S4 wont charge and my computer doesn’t recognize it when I plug it in. Any thoughts?

Solution: For this concern the problem may either be with the phone itself, the USB cord used, or the computer itself. Here’s what can be done to check on this issue

First try connecting your S4 to another computer. The computer you might be using right now may have a problem and can’t detect your device.

Second, try using another USB cord. These cords tend to get damaged without us even knowing about it. I used to have this same problem previously and when I switched to a new USB cord my Android smartphone began charging.

Third, try charging your S4 using its power charger and plugging it to the wall socket. If it still doesn’t charge then it may be a problem with the device itself. Your best course of action is to send it to an authorized service center to have it repaired.

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