Facebook could be readying the launch of a Snapchat competitor

Facebook - Snapchat

Facebook has been trying to acquire photo and video sharing app Snapchat for quite some time now. But since talks broke down for the possible purchase, reports are suggesting that Facebook could be looking to launch its own Snapchat competitor in the coming days. It is being said that this new app is codenamed ‘Slingshot‘ internally.

Slingshot will reportedly mirror Snapchat in terms of functionality and will be an independent app like Messenger rather than a feature built into Facebook. It is believed that CEO Mark Zuckerberg is directly overseeing this project and there’s every possibility that the project might be ditched if it doesn’t live up to the expectations. But if everything goes according to plan, the app could be launched as early as this month, according to the Financial Times.

We’re still waiting for further information on this app, so we’ll reserve judgment until there’s more to go with. But it seems very likely that Facebook would pull off such a move given its inability to close the proposed $3 billion deal with the makers of Snapchat.

Source: Financial Times

Via: Droid-Life