Dimple Is A Customizable Android NFC Button

Are you looking for a way to access some of the features of your Android smartphone without performing a lengthy navigation of its menu? If your device is running on at least Android 4.0 and has an NFC feature then you might want to use Dimple. This is a sticker that you attach to your smartphone that comes with four programmable physical buttons and uses NFC to communicate with your device.

While most of the smartphones today are losing its physical buttons Dimple is bringing it back. Consumer reception to physical buttons is quite good as can be seen from the success of Pressy, a programmable button for Android devices that attaches itself to the 3.5mm audio jack. Dimple on the other hand can simply be attached to the rear part of a smartphone, doesn’t even require a battery of its own, and comes with four physical buttons.

The four buttons can be assigned to do pretty much anything that the user wants. Some of its functions include

  • Instantly launch favorite apps
  • Launch app popup drawers
  • Control music apps
  • Turn on the flashlight
  • Change multiple settings with  single click
  • Call friends and family
  • Capture photos
  • Execute Tasker tasks

While this looks like a great accessory to have for a smartphone there are however some caveats that a customer should be aware of. As we all know, not all smartphones sold in the market comes with an NFC feature. It’s best to check on your device first if it supports NFC. The sticker itself has to be placed near the NFC antenna of the smartphone. This means that it’s not best to use it on the HTC One since the NFC antenna of this device is located around the camera lens. Placing the sticker on the camera lens means that users won’t be able to take photos.

One question that people might be wondering is that if after attaching the sticker to a smartphone can it still be attached to a different smartphone? According to the design team “Even though the adhesive used allows for easy removal, each time you remove a DIMPLE from your device’s surface, the adhesive properties will deteriorate and that may compromise the longevity of the DIMPLE. You should be fine for at least 5-10 attachments and removals. After that, the DIMPLE may not stick to the surface as well as when it was new. We are exploring options to use adhesive that can be reused as many times as you want, without compromising the thinness of Dimple.”

Dimple is currently running a campaign over at Indiegogo with a goal of reaching $43,000. A total of $19,864 has already been pledged as of this writing with 35 days still left in the campaign period. Those who wish to support this campaign can pledge as little as $27 to get the Dimple in a predefined color which is expected to ship in August of this year.

Technical Specifications


  • Four tactile buttons
  • Waterproof
  • Available initially in 3 colors
  • Width: 16mm (0.66in), Height: 49mm (1.92in.), Thickness: 0.49mm (0.019in.)


  • Launch consecutive tasks
  • Launch popup grid tasks
  • Unlimited items per button
  • Extendable with 3rd party plugins
  • Open integration SDK

via indiegogo

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