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Developers In 8 New Countries Can Now Sell Paid Apps On Google Play

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While many countries can have paid apps be sold to them in the Google Play Store, there are still some countries where they are unavailable. But Google has filled in the gap with a few countries today. Here is the list of countries and the currency that the local Play Store will use:

  • Greece (Euro)
  • Luxembourg (Euro)
  • Romania (Leu)
  • Saudi Arabia (Riyal)
  • Slovakia (Euro)
  • Turkey (Lira)
  • Ukraine (Hryvnia)
  • Vietnam (Dong)

If you live in one of these countries and would like to sell a paid app on Google Play, it’s very easy. You first go to the Google Play Developer Console and sign up to be a developer. There is a one-time fee of US$25 to join the developer program, but if you already have free apps, you won’t need to pay again.

However, in Slovakia, Ukraine, Vietman and a few others, Google will pay you in a wire transfer instead of directly to your bank account. It might be a minor inconvenience, but if you want to sell paid apps in these countries, you’ll not mind it that much.

With this expansion, there are now 45 countries where Google has Wallet Merchant support. That’s a far cry from the 150 countries where you can upload free apps to the Play Store. But users can pay for apps in the 134 countries without Merchant support, so you just can’t put apps on the local store.

Source: Google Play Support via Android Police

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