Cliq Is A Smartcase For Android Smartphones

Just when you thought that smartphone cases couldn’t get any better a new one designed to take advantage of the NFC functionality of Android smartphones is about to hit the market. Meet Cliq, a smartcase that can shortcut just about any function of a smartphone. It has three buttons at the back which can be used to shortcut just about anything. Each button can be assigned a short press or a long press function.


With Cliq you could assign a button to launch the camera and take a photo making taking selfies much easier. You could even turn on the flashlight in just one click of a button, a feature useful in times when you need some lighting. It’s up to you to decide what features you would like to launch when you short press or long press any of the three buttons.


Some of the key features of Cliq include

  • Faster and simpler: You no longer have to go through all the steps in your phone menu just to get to a particular feature.
  • Choose your superpowers: All three buttons are customizable. All you have to do is install the companion app on your Android smartphone and set up each button.
  • No wires, no charging: Just like any other normal case this smartcase doesn’t need to be charged even though it connects wirelessly to the smartphone.
  • Ergonomically designed: The buttons are positioned in a way that they can easily be accessed with your fingers.

Right now Cliq only works on Android smartphones and only on selected models. Most of the models are flagship devices.

  • Samsung: Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3
  • Motorola: Moto X
  • Google (LG): Nexus 5
  • LG: G2

While this may seem like a limited number of models the developers of this accessory promises to add more models to this list. They are also asking customers to tell them what models they want added to the list.

Aside from being able to control most of the features of a smartphone Cliq is also meant to protect your precious device from scratches or bumps. It is made of a polycarbonate material finished in a high-quality soft coating allowing it to provide maximum protection.

For those who aren’t really fans of cases since they do tend to add more bulk to a slim device then you might be interested in getting the line of thin and sleek skins that wraps around the smartphone. It works the same way as the case however comes in only a black or white color option while the case comes in 5 color styles.


Cliq is currently running a fundraising campaign over at Kickstarter to help in its final production stages. The goal is to reach $40,000 and with 27 days left to go a total of $15,045 has already been pledged.

If you want to support this project then a pledge of $20 allows you to get the early bird special case or skin of your color choice which will be shipped out this coming August.

via kickstarter