Benchmark reveals Samsung SM-T255: new Galaxy Mega or Galaxy Tab 4 6.2?

Today seems to be an exceptionally prolific day for the sneaky, leaky, all-revealing folks behind mobile benchmark authority GFX Bench, as they’ve first exposed a positively dreamy forthcoming Nvidia-made high-end tablet and now an oddball new Samsung Galaxy family member.


Why oddball? Mostly because it’s smaller than last year’s Galaxy Mega 6.3 “phone”, yet almost certainly destined to be promoted as a tablet. There’s loads of evidence supporting that wacky theory, starting with the gizmo’s model number.

The SM-T255 string is in no way associated with existent Samsung handhelds, instead having very close ties with Galaxy Tab aliases. The Tab 3 7.0 is also known as SM-T215, the Tab 4 7.0 has the alternate SM-T230 and T235 monikers and the Tab 4 8.0 is the SM-T330 and SM-T335.

Wait, but if that’s any indication of SM-T255’s identity, shouldn’t the new kid on the block find a spot closer to the peak of the totem pole than the Tab 4 7.0? It sure makes sense, though if we’re not missing anything, the unannounced “slate” is clearly humbler.


For one thing, it’s smaller, at 6.2 inches. Then, it runs an older copy of Android, namely 4.3 Jelly Bean. The on-board Snapdragon 400 CPU is essentially just as zippy (or laggy), packing four Cortex A7 cores clocked at 1.2 GHz, the accompanying Adreno 305 GPU is identical, and the RAM is tied, at 1.5 GB.

Also, you get the same amount of internal storage space – 16 gigs. Then again, this supposed Galaxy Tab 4 6.2 comes with 8 MP/2 MP cameras in tow, which are considerably superior to the Tab 4 7.0’s 3.15/1.3 megapixel snappers. Still, all in all, the upcoming 6.2 incher doesn’t look like much.

Of course, a low (make that ultra-low) price tag could save it from immediate oblivion. As long as you’re comfortable with the idea of owning a pocket-friendly device unable to support voice calls.

Samsung SM-T255

Oh, and in case you’re not convinced this is indeed a Wi-Fi-only slate and reckon maybe it’s a Galaxy Mega spin-off, two additional sources put the information in black and white. There’s import tracker Zauba, which caught the SM-T255S visiting India back in March and lists it as a “sample tablet PC for R&D purpose”, and the Wi-Fi Alliance.

The latter approved the T255S “tablet” at the beginning of April, so a formal announcement and subsequent commercial launch are probably imminent. Interestingly, Zauba valued the 6.2 incher at INR 28,065 ($465), so way north of both the estimated worth of the Galaxy Mega 6.3 and that of the GTab 4 7.0.

Are we missing something that makes the presumed Tab 4 6.2 so valuable? Any guesses? Anyone?

Via [GFX Bench], [Wi-Fi Alliance], [Zauba]

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