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AT&T Galaxy S5 gets an update with the addition of two new apps

AT&T Galaxy S5 Update

If you own the Samsung Galaxy S5 on AT&T, you can expect to receive an update shortly. Don’t get excited much though, as it’s not a feature rich update and will only bring a couple of new apps (or bloatware) to your smartphone. After this update, you will find apps like Yellow Pages and Lookout Security on your AT&T Galaxy S5.

The Yellow Pages app is quite barebones really and not many might find the use for it, but it’s included nonetheless. As far as the second app is concerned, Samsung actually struck a deal with the folks from Lookout Security to bring antivirus coverage to future Samsung devices, so it was always expected.

The update isn’t all that large and shouldn’t take up a lot of your time either, so if you don’t mind having these apps on your handset, make sure you download it when the OTA notification pops on your handset. Make sure you let us know if you have received the update already on your handset.

Via: Android Central

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