Android expected to have 80% of the smartphone marketshare by this year

Android Marketshare

According to a new report from the IDC, the growth of Android will reach new heights this year as it’s supposed to make up for about 80.1% of all the smartphones sold this year. This will be largely due to big ticket Android OEMs like Samsung and LG who currently have some of the best handsets in the market.

These are predictions of course, so we can’t come to a conclusion at this point. But it looks likely given the pace at which Android is growing. Apple is expected to grab the second spot again with a marketshare of 14.8% while Windows Phone will have to settle with a global marketshare of 3.5%.

Google is expected to announce a couple of Nexus devices this year, which could help drive those numbers forward. The likes of Apple and Microsoft however will have some serious catching up to do if they want to come anywhere close to Google’s estimated sales figures.

Source: IDC

Via: Mobile Syrup

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