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64GB OnePlus One to be available starting late May

OnePlus One Black

Although the OnePlus One is off to a great start, the smartphone won’t start making its way to the customers for quite a while, unless you’re one of the lucky competition winners. This is largely due to the low manufacturing capacity of the company and the rather odd invite only policy which means that not everybody will be able to get the handset immediately.

It was reported that OnePlus will be stocking the 16GB model initially, while the 64GB version was said to be available only by late June. But the makers have now come out with some good news, claiming that this particular model of the handset will be launched a month early by late May.

The company said in a statement – “After seeing how popular the 64GB version was compared to the 16GB, we have pushed back the production of the 16GB Silk White in favor of getting the 64GB Sandstone Black out quicker.” Keep in mind that this particular model will reach you by late May only if you have an invite. So if you’re only just discovering the handset, you might have to wait until late June or even further.

Source: OnePlus

Via: Android Police

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