Over 60 Epson printers now support native printing with Android 4.4

Epson Printer

One of the key features that made its way with Android 4.4 KitKat was cloud printing with supported printers. While HP was one of the manufacturers to support this feature initially with its printers, Epson too has joined the list now by adding over 60 of its printers to the list. What this basically means is that these printers can print documents from your KitKat running smartphone wirelessly and without requiring an app. This is a very convenient feature to have if you work in an office environment and have a lot of documents to print.

With this inclusion, users can check if there are printers around, select the exact page they want to print and even pick from different paper sizes. So this is a pretty nifty inclusion by Epson and a bulk of the current gen Android devices come with support for this feature since it requires KitKat. Head over to Epson’s official page below to get more info on supported printers and also a brief idea of how this feature works.

Source: Epson

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