24 carat gold plated HTC One M8 now available from Goldgenie

Gold HTC One M8

Goldgenie is popular for providing gold enclosures with popular devices. This time, the company has picked the HTC One M8 which is now available in Gold, Platinum and Rose Gold. HTC officially launched the smartphone in an Amber Gold variant but that was only a color and not actual gold plating, so this is clearly a first for the smartphone from a third party manufacturer.

HTC announced that it will be launching a gold plated version of the One M8 exclusively for the customers in the Middle East, so this seems to be Goldgenie’s way of bringing such a variant to the rest of the world. The handset is exactly the same in terms of internal hardware, so don’t expect any different if you’re looking to get one of these.

Pricing has been set at $2,695.95 (unlocked), which is along expected lines considering that it consists of solid gold plating. Like all Goldgenie products, you will receive the handset in a special box along with the certificate of authenticity, so you won’t be getting that recyclable HTC box with this one. Inside the luxurious looking box, you will find all the accessories which HTC usually bundles with the One M8. Head over to the source link below if you’re interested in getting one of these.

Gold HTC One M8 Box

Source: Goldgenie

Via: Android Community