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1Password 4 For Android Coming June 10


If you’ve tried out password managers, chances are that you’ve heard of 1Password. It’s long been a staple for Apple’s Mac OS X and iOS platforms, getting improved very much over the years. They do have an Android version, but it’s pretty terrible and hasn’t been updated for new versions of Android other than for bug fixes. It doesn’t even let you edit your logins or other data, it’s read-only.

However over the last year or so, AgileBits, the makers of 1Password, have been hard at work on a new version that has brings feature parity in line other platforms, version 4. It’s been in beta since November of 2013 and has improved considerably over time. I’ve been using the beta for a few months now and it’s far better than what exists today.

Now AgileBits plans to release the new version 4 on June 10th to the Google Play Store. And as a special launch promotion, you will get free access to all the features until August 1st. After that the app will become read-only unless you buy it. There are no pricing details currently available, but since the app costs $18 on iOS, that will probably be the same on Android.

AgileBits is known for their promotions though and every few months they cut the price in half, especially when there’s a major new version out. So if their track record continues, the app might only cost $8 for a short time at launch before going back to $18. Of course, this is all speculative so if I am wrong, I am sorry.

1Password 4 for Android will finally improve it to be useful and match Android’s UI for what it is today. Will you be downloading it on June 10th? I will.

Source: AgileBits via Android Central

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