Xperia SP Owners Complain Of Flickering Display After Android 4.3 Update

When the Sony Xperia SP was released in April 2014 it first ran on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This model is just recently got the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update with the KitKat update also planned to arrive sometime soon.

xperia sp

Several improvements have been introduced in the 4.3 update which include

  • Memory management problem resolved
  • LED works perfect on Walkman even at 100%
  • Smooth UI and good touch response
  • Nice gaming
  • Volume bar issue fixed
  • Better and more stable Wi-Fi
  • Overheating fixed
  • Battery usage is like 4.1.2 (good)
  • Good AnTuTu benchmark results (23500++)  compared to 4.1.2 (21000+)

There is however a problem with this update as reported by some owners of the device who got the update. Owners report of a flickering backlight display problem on their device. While it doesn’t render the device unusable it can be quite a distraction and sometimes annoying. It also appears that this problem only exists in models with firmware builds 12.1.A.0.266 and 12.1.A.1.201.

Several methods have been done by owners of the device to try to fix the problem such as checking if it is the screen protector interfering with the sensor. Others have also tired installing custom ROMs but the problem still exists.

One owner of the device detailed what he did with his device when he noticed the flickering after the update.

  • Disabled HW overlays, Force gpu rendering, disabled auto brightness(adapt to lighting conditions)
  • perform SUS factory reset and repaired…
  • factory reset my phone again from phone menu..
  • flashed stock 4.1.2 with flashtool and reupdated with companion
  • flashed stock 4.1.2 with flashtool and reupdated with SUS
  • forced to unlock bootloader and root and i tried custom kernels and roms
  • change different settings related to screen rendering on build.prop and other things eg some apps allowed me to change kernel and rom settings (trickster mode, android tweaker 2,pimp my ROM and some others)
  • Nothing works

Check out the YouTube videos below regarding the flickering issues.

Sony has not made any official statement regarding this issue yet. It seems like it is only present in Android 4.3 so one solution to this is to try to revert back to the previous Android version or for Sony to rush the release of Android 4.4 KitKat for the Xperia SP.

via sonymobile