The Xiaomi One-Button Android Controller is a Copy of Last Year’s Kickstarter ‘Pressy’

Last year in August, we ran a story of Pressy, an ambitious kickstarter project that got over 300K funding in just three days in the promise to make a hardware device that would plug into an Android phone’s ear jack and turn it into a single hardware button with various applications.  Today, Xiaomi made an announcement that they are bringing a one-button Android controller that is strikingly similar to Pressy – both in design and functionality.


Pressy aimed to raise just $40,000 last year but it ended up raising $700,000 from its coffers, but we haven’t heard much from them for 7 months although they still allow fans to pre-order the plug-in.  Xiaomi is beating the Pressy developers to introduce this gadget made of a metallic cylinder just like a phone’s earpiece jack and can be configured to perform many tasks, despite being just a single button.

According to tech in Asia, the Xiaomi One-button Android controller has 10 unique click types, which means that the button can be configured to perform over 10 different things.  Xiaomi is planning to sell the device for just $4.9 Yuan, about $0.79 and it will be available in the shelves starting on April 8th.  Xiaomi has beaten the ambitious Pressy makers to launch and they are also beating them in price which will cost a whopping $27 when it launches.

Supposed to come in March, Pressy was an amazing project that most thought was unique and very promising, but dragging feet over 7 months and missing deadlines has cost the team the ‘wow’s because it is now clear the Chinese version will come from a company respected for faring well in device quality in a sea of con, substandard and copycat manufacturing industry.  Starting April 8th, just next week, you will be able to buy this device, which is still name-less.


In developing news, the Pressy guys, announced that they will be taking a legal action (most likely copyright infringement) but it doesn’t seem so promising because other smaller Chinese companies have probably already went into mass production and we may be seeing all sorts of these buttons on Alibaba and eBay selling for $0.1 in just weeks, if they are not already there.

This is an amazing device that changes how we interact with our device, and the market needs it.  Xiaomi is alunching it officially, which means we will have to wait a tad longer to find out the most specific details.

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Sources:  Hugo Barra via Tech in Asia and Engadget


2 Replies to “The Xiaomi One-Button Android Controller is a Copy of Last Year’s Kickstarter ‘Pressy’”

  1. How long did Pressy think they could keep the people waiting? There’s a saying, “No one can stop an idea whose time has come”. Pressy should have started selling these useful buttons like last year. Xiaomi is the hero in this story.

  2. This is great! I honestly can’t wait to have this mini android controller. This is one of the coolest accessory ever made for Android phones. I have been waiting for Pressy to be released for quite a while now, but I guess Xiaomi has developed the product way faster and the price is cheaper than Pressy as well.

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