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Video reveals security vulnerability on the Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner

Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner

The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a fingerprint scanner which is supposed to provide added security for the users. But a new video has now revealed a major security loophole with this sensor which allows practically anybody to bypass it. This is done by standard fingerprint spoofing techniques as you can see in the video below. Similar vulnerabilities were revealed to be existent on the Apple iPhone 5s as well.

Unfortunately for Samsung, users can use unauthorized fingerprints as many times as possible without even once requiring to enter a password. We will possibly hear more about this from the company in the coming days. With PayPal integration built into the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S5, this means a potential attacker can easily execute transactions without breaking a sweat.

So if you own a Samsung Galaxy S5 (or even an iPhone 5s), it’s probably better to set up a password rather than relying on fingerprint scanning.

Source: YouTube

Via: Sam Mobile

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