Verizon and Sprint variants of the Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t have the Download Booster feature either

Samsung Download Booster

Only yesterday we spoke about the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 not coming with the Download Booster feature. Today, Sprint and Verizon representatives have confirmed to Fierce Wireless that even their variants of the smartphone will not contain this particular feature. So this seems to be an omission made by all the carriers and not just AT&T.

Reasons for the unavailability of this feature were not mentioned by either carriers, but it’s obvious that the carriers don’t want customers using the combined LTE and WiFi speeds to increase download speeds and reduce cellular data consumption at the same time. However, it would have been wiser of the carriers to be more transparent about this omission rather than have users discover this on their own.

Download Booster was one of the features discussed in length by Samsung during the announcement of the Galaxy S5 in February, so this is slightly disappointing for customers. Going by this, it’s very likely that even the T-Mobile variant of the smartphone will not have this feature. It was mentioned yesterday that the carriers might enable this feature somewhere down the line with a software update, although no specific time frame was given.

Source: Fierce Wireless