Users of the Sony Xperia SP reporting display flickering issues after the Android 4.3 update

Sony Xperia SP

The Sony Xperia SP is a very popular midrange handset in markets of Asia and Europe. And the company recently started rolling out the Android 4.3 update for the smartphone and it seems like there are some serious issues with the update already. According to some users, they are observing a display flickering bug ever since the update was applied.

This flickering of the display backlight can naturally be quite an annoyance to customers who are trying to get some work done on the device. Xperia Blog reports that the issue is only seen on devices running firmware builds 12.1.A.0.266 and 12.1.A.1.201.

Sony is yet to confirm this bug, but it seems to be widespread at the moment. Although the issue is hardware based, it seems to have been triggered by the Android 4.3 update. So it is possible to be fixed with the help of a bug fixing update, although there’s no word on when that might happen. Make sure you drop a line in the comments box below if you’re facing similar issues. You can see the exact nature of this particular bug in the videos embedded below.

Source: Sony Mobile Forums

Via: Xperia Blog