Upcoming Amazon smartphone might rely heavily on tilt based controls

Amazon Smartphone

According to a new report, the upcoming Amazon smartphone could sport tilt based controls in addition to the 3D features that have been rumored for a while now. We saw the handset leaking out in pictures a few days ago which revealed quite a bit about its looks, although the body was covered by an external shell.

Speaking more of the tilt based controls, BGR claims that this could be more of a substitute to the menu button with a tilt allowing users to see more options within an app such as a movie listing or a search result. If this is all the tilting feature can do, we’re afraid it will simply be a novelty addition on the handset. It is expected of Amazon to shed more light on these aspects when the smartphone is expected to break cover in June.

This new revelation also claims that the camera on the smartphone could feature OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to quickly save and search for images of signatures or other essential data. We expect to learn more about these features and more in the coming weeks.

Via: BGR