T-Mobile moving MetroPCS 3G CDMA customers in New England and Las Vegas to its 4G LTE networks

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MetroPCS is known as T-Mobile’s prepaid subsidiary which predominantly sells midrange handsets. It has now been announced that the carrier will move its CDMA services in regions of New England and Las Vegas starting from July 1 to T-Mobile’s 4G LTE networks. Customers are now being told to switch networks before it goes off on the mentioned date.

Luckily, T-Mobile will help MetroPCS customers in the region switch over to its networks, so it’s not all bad news. Customers can walk into a T-Mobile store in the regions and trade-in a qualifying MetroPCS device in return for an instant upgrade credit for a new device.

This move from T-Mobile has long been expected as the carrier looks to use some of the spectrum from MetroPCS to strengthen its 4G LTE networks across the country. So if you’re a MetroPCS customer in Las Vegas or the New England region, now might be the ideal time to start considering a switch to T-Mobile or the carrier of your choice. Existing users can head over to the link below for all the details on the switching process.

Source: MetroPCS

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