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T-Mobile Launches New $40 Simple Starter Plan

T-Mobile Announces Its Laying Off 1,900 Employees


T-Mobile’s offerings keep getting better and better. Starting on April 12th, T-Mobile is offering a new $40 “Simple Starter” plan. Like with the other plans, this includes unlimited talk and text. But your LTE speed data is limited to 500 MB and none of the new international features apply.

So if you wanted to text someone who lives outside of the US or use the unlimited free data roaming, those features are only on the $50 plan and above. If you travel often or want to use these features, you need the $50 or higher tiers. But if you don’t need these or want a cheaper plan, this is for you.

T-Mobile’s executives have also been teasing something big upcoming through their Twitter accounts. Uncarrier 4 was launched in January, which was for them paying your Early Termination Fees (ETFs) for you to switch. Uncarrier 5 is probably on the way very soon (or this might even be it), since in 2013 a new Uncarrier update was offered about once a quarter.

This might actually refer to today’s announcements, but in T-Mobile’s press release, they say that today is only day 1 of a 3 day initiative. So check back with us as the week progresses to see what else they are going to announce.

So T-Mobile customers, how does this plan sound to you? I’m not switching from my unlimited plan, but for someone like my grandparents, this would be the perfect plan for them. Now we just have to wait and see what else they announce this week.

Source: T-Mobile, Mike Sievert’s Twitter via 9to5Google

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