T-Mobile Drops Prices Of Tablets And Gives Them More Data


When T-Mobile does something like this, you need to take notice. As part of their three day initiative this week (which is Uncarrier 5) to change pain points in the wireless industry, today’s topic has to deal with tablets.

Usually when you buy a Cellular-capable tablet, you have to pay extra for that model over a Wifi-only model. For a limited time, you no longer have to pay extra to get a T-Mobile LTE tablet. So if you buy a 32 GB LTE Nexus 7, you will only pay $269 instead of $349. As long as you sign up for a minimum plan of 1 GB of LTE data.

That’s a huge discount on an LTE tablet. Of course, T-Mobile’s offer to pay your ETF still applies. So if you bought a tablet on contract on another carrier, you can break that and save a lot of money on both a data plan and the device itself. And trade-in towards a new device for the value of your old one applies too.

Oh, the data plans also have all been increased as well. For the rest of 2014, all tablet users will get 1.2 GB of LTE data for free instead of the usual 200 MB, as long as you are also a voice customer.

T-Mobile’s CEO obviously knows what he’s doing with all of these deals, as noted by his tweets today. He’s really shaken up T-Mobile and it’ll be interesting to see what he does during the rest of the year.

Now since this is only day 2 of 3 for Uncarrier 5, T-Mobile will also be announcing something tomorrow on Friday. With yesterday’s and today’s deals, we can’t wait to see what it is. But for now, take advantage of this deal starting April 12th.

Source: T-Mobile PR and T-Mobile’s Website via Android Central

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