Sprint Spark apparently can’t handle voice calls and data simultaneously

Sprint Spark

In what appears to be a blow to Sprint’s highly marketed Sprint Spark tri-band LTE service, a new revelation has indicated that devices using this particular technology cannot handle data networks and voice calls at the same time. This essentially means that users won’t be able to talk on the phone and browse the internet for some quick fact checking online or anything along those lines. This glitch was discovered by Consumer Reports which has now led to the carrier coming out with a lengthy explanation on why such a feature is in place.

This is an excerpt from Sprint’s statement – “Sprint Spark devices leverage eCSFB technology (enhanced Circuit Switch Fall Back) which enables single radio functionality in the handset. This allows Sprint to leverage the many benefits of Network Vision, including the ability to utilize multiple CDMA and LTE spectrum bands efficiently. Although, simultaneous voice and LTE is not supported on new Sprint Spark devices, it does provide improved coverage, quality of voice and data service, as well as improved battery performance.”

We’re not sure if this will be a deal breaker for potential customers of Sprint, but it has certainly come as a setback for the carrier. Sprint Spark is only available in a handful of locations at the moment, so this won’t affect a lot of customers.

Source: Consumer Report

Via: Phone Arena 

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